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Clear Start's Show Us Some Skin Challenge

by @totaltrashmamma
Jun 15, 2022


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For Acne Awareness Month we want you to be proud of your skin. Everyone has breakouts. Everyone has texture. So show it off. Fuck acne censorship.

We are working against the narrative of airbrushed skin, especially in skincare commercials. No one looks like that, and no one needs to strive for that. As long as you are taking care of your skin you're doing great.

You should also go over to and sign the pledge to end acne censorship. For every pledge Clear Start is donating $1 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. So go make a difference.

Enid's Skin

"I have oily skin and figuring out how to deal with acne/hormonal acne was a big part of my pre-teens, teens, and all of my 20s (yes all of them).

"The biggest turn around for me was realizing 'dealing with acne' meant coming to terms with my actual skin: It’s oily, it’s got pores, it’s doing what skin is supposed to do—produce oil/sebum, but maybe a little more than others—and that’s okay!

"No magic or product will make these things go away, I just focus on sticking to my cleansing and hydration regimen. Managing my acne and skin texture has improved a lot because of it, but ups and downs are normal too."

My Skin

I have a love-hate relationship with my texture. On one hand I've always felt like it makes me look bad, but on the other hand I'm a big pimple popper.

Maskne has definitely made my skin worse in the past couple years. It's frustrating, but I also know everyone around me is in the same boat.

Show Us Some Skin

Grab your favorite Clear Start (or other skincare brand) product. Tell us what about it you love and why it works for you. But most importantly, show us some skin. Show us your pimples and blackheads. We want to see your texture and know why you are proud of it.

Everyone who participates in this challenge will earn 20 coins. The winner(s) will receive 100 Supercoins. Please note that unrelated videos, spam, or any entries not following Supergreat's Guidelines will be removed and ineligible for participation Supercoins. You have until 6/28 at 12 PM EST to enter: Coins will be awarded within a week after the challenge is closed.

And the Winner is...