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Buxom's Xtrovert Palette Is Like A Playground For Your Eyelids + Challenge!

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Eyeshadow palettes are often a buffet of one kind of meal — either you're getting a bevy of nudes, or pinks, or get it. They come in a collection of like-minded shades. Buxom's Xtrovert Eyeshadow Palette breaks that rules and invites everyone to the palette party. Of its 12 shades, there are some matte and shimmery neutrals, but there are also some stunners like jewel-toned blue, shimmery bronzes, metallic pink, and a Tweety Bird yellow.
open Buxom Xtrovert eye shadow palette with 12 pans of eyeshadow

See? Look at that crowd. The formula is pretty interesting in that Buxom created them with a primer in the powder so you don't need to apply an eyeshadow primer on your lids before going to town. The powders are really rich and velvety and you only need to dip your brush in lightly to get a lot of color payoff.

Compared to my experience applying any powder eyeshadow over primer, the results look really similar to applying these shades without primer. Impressively, they didn't crease after at least an hour of wearing them in my warm, humid apartment.

woman's face wearing colorful eyeshadow

This is four shades on each eyelid. I put Rare, the blue shade, on most of my upper lid and Hypnotize on the outer corners and on my lower lashline. Crazy Rich lines my lower lashline as well and Pop is in my inner corners.

The vibrancy and saturation of pigment is great in only a few swipes, so this took... mere minutes to create. If only I had more real estate on my lids for more shades.

However — you might! Our next Supergreat Challenge is for those who redeemed the Xtrovert Eyeshadow Palette.

CHALLENGE: Recreate Sable's XTROVERT look and we'll give you 15 Supercoins! You don't need to have this palette to enter, and you don't need these specific colors, either. Recreate the look it using any color you want before 08/06. You must add your review to this editorial to be counted. Good luck!


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