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Butterflies Are the Biggest Trend in Beauty + Challenge!

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The votes are in: butterflies are the biggest trend in beauty right now. Butterfly airbrushing was seen on so many makeup artists pages that it was the subject of a trend piece in Allure at the start of quarantine, and even Bella Hadid tried her hand at the look recently. This trend is going absolutely nowhere soon, and there are several different ways to try it, as seen in the reviews by some of our talented community members below.

Don't forget to read until the end and enter the challenge!

Here are 3 ways that you can wear the butterfly beauty trend:

1. Butterflies in your hair

You know those plastic, fabric, or feathered butterflies that you can find in a garden or glued to the wall of a kids' bedroom—who would have thought that they can also be used to zhuzh up your beauty look? Jaleesa Jaikaran, makeup artist and Supergreater-extraordinaire knew. But she always does.

As seen on JaleesaJaikaran:

"I started the series during quarantine. It was my way to celebrate the season despite the circumstances," she says. "Because I wasn't going outside at all, I wanted to find a way to encapsulate the season with color and creativity."

Jaleesa Jaikaran in a butterfly hair look

Instagram @jaleesajaikaran

Highlighter Brush
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And then re-imagined by VanzillaScott:

"I'm always really inspired by what Jaleesa does," she says. "She just has this way of always making makeup and beauty fun and colorful. Every time I see she's made a new review, I know something exciting is going to happen."

2. Butterflies on your lids

I tried this one out myself, and the results were better than I could have imagined. Watch my review below, along with other Supergreaters who tried it using their favorite eyeshadow palettes and liners.

Abigail Rena in butterfly makeup

Instagram @abigailrena

Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette
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3. Butterflies on your face

As seen on Sabletoothtigre:

"It was super fun to do and it reminded me that if you have lash glue… you can put anything on your face," she says. "Makeup doesn’t have to just be 2D. Imagine the possibilities!"

Sable Yong in a butterfly makeup look

Instagram @sabletoothtigre

CHALLENGE: We want to see how you interpret the butterfly makeup trend! Add your review below of your butterfly makeup look and we'll give you 15 coins. One lucky randomly selected winner will get 100 coins. You have until 08/20 to enter, only one entry per person will be counted, and your entry MUST be added to this editorial to count. Please do not use the Chatroom in your response, and tie your review to a product you used. We can't wait to see what you come up with.


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