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Bodyography Muse Nicole da Costa's Starburst Eyeshadow Tutorial + Challenge!

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We hope that you've been enjoying our Bodyography reward drops this week—from the prettiest lilac glitter to red hot lip lava, this brand truly gets our summer-long craving for bold and colorful makeup.

To celebrate the last drop of this Body-ody-ody-odygraphy (I can't not) takeover week, we present to you a gorgeous tutorial from one of the brand's talented muses: Nicole da Costa, AKA @thebeautyflush. Learn more about her below, and recreate the look yourself for the chance to win 100 coins!

What is your career background? Tell us about the highlights of your beauty and makeup career. "I’m a self taught makeup artist, I’ve aways been really involved with creative things such as painting, drawing, scrapbook, you name it—but it wasn't until my second year of college that I actually started experimenting with makeup. Some of the highlights of my career have been to collaborate with magazines I’ve dreamed of working with for years, being part of the muse series with bodyography and overall the amazing community that supports me."

Why did you choose this look? "I feel like my style could be defined as everyday or wearable editorial, so I wanted to create a fun look that still felt like me, and was lightweight and easy to create."

What are your favorite Bodyography products? "Definitely the Pure Pigment Palette, it’s just so versatile! Another favorite has got the be the Glitter Pigments, they are show stoppers. Also the Skin Slip Concealer, it is truly wonderful, not cakey, it offers good coverage and it's hydrating."

Pro Perfect Foundation Stick
Pro Perfect Foundation Stick
Skin Slip Full Coverage Concealer

The final look:

Now you try it!

CHALLENGE: Follow this tutorial and recreate Nicole's starburst look! Use any products you have to achieve it. You can add as many reviews as you want, but only one entry per person will be counted. Everyone gets 20 coins for participation and one winner, chosen by Nicole, will get 100 coins! You have until 08/27 to enter—HAVE FUN!


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