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The Biggest Summer Hair Trends, According to a Celebrity Hairstylist

by @totaltrashmamma
Jun 30, 2022


“What makes me different is that I’m more of a creative force than just a hair stylist,” says Kendall Dorsey, who has done hair for celebs like Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles, and MJ Rodriguez. Kendall has inputs on makeup and wardrobe and how they can come together with a hair style. “Now working with Saweetie, she trusts me so much more than with just the hair,” he says. “She calls me about the complete creative direction.”

When creating a look for a celeb, Kendall loves to do complete transformations. He points to Saweetie’s hair at the Grammy’s this year as an example. “She came out of the wigs and it was so refreshing. We cut her hair completely off and we were able to color it from darkest black to blonde,” he says. “The cut was inspired by Josephine Baker and we wanted to make it a little bit more modern and soft.”

Bringing Back Blond

Saweetie’s blond cropped hair was the start of a trend of celebs going blond; other examples include Victoria Monet and Kim Kardashian. “Blonde is always a big hair trend during the beginning of the summer,” says Kendall. The only difference in blond from year to year being what shades are the biggest. “People are really going for cooler tones, less warmth, less ash,” he says. “People are really looking for the washed out tones, but that still have the beautiful gold hints to them.”

All of Kendall’s favorite products for hair come from Dark & Lovely. “We use it on her roots and we are able to achieve a one step blonde. One box, one color all the way route touchup,” he said in reference to Saweetie.

Getting Started in the Hair Game

Kendall first started to care about hair by playing with Barbies as a child (mood). Later in college he got a job as a hair washer at a salon. Then he started cutting girls’ hair in his dorm. “I literally knocked on every door in my dorm,” he says. “People started requesting me and I only could do one haircut. It was one haircut every woman got.” He ended up getting kicked out of his dorm for running an illegal business (he was still unlicensed at the time).

He moved into an apartment off campus and set it up like a salon with mirror and hairdryers. After three years of that he decided to go to beauty school (before he had been studying fashion marketing).

Moving into the world of celebrity hair styling was not without its share of wild adventures. “I was working with Nicki Minaj she was like ‘Kendall I want hair down to my knees,’” he recalls. But at the time finding long enough extensions was near impossible. “Basically I snuck my way into India but I got the hair.”

Tips for Your Summer Hair

Along with blond there are several other trends Kendall foresees for the rest of summer including people saying goodbye to wigs and going natural. “People are chopping the hair off, they're using these bold tones, people using short crop cuts, lots of curly texture, blown out hair, easy hair is where it's.” So, if you haven’t gotten your short and easy hair yet for summer, nows the time to chop it off.

When it comes to styling your hair, the best way to start is with quality products. Shampoos, primers, and other products need to be working for your hair. From there it all depends on what kind of look you want. For a blow out he recommends a 1 inch curling iron: “I'll put ten curls in the hair, put a clip each curl and brush the hair brush, brush, brush, brush and you're gonna get a bombshell blowout.” For a more slicked back look he recommends a balm to help deal with fly aways.

If you are hesitant about spending money on an all new hairstyle Kendall also has advice for you. “They tell you not to spend your money on shopping. But what else do you do with it?” So go get that fancy shampoo and conditioner, and treat your hair to something new.

Let us know your favorite products for your summer hairstyle.

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