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The 5 Best Sheet Mask Brands, According to Your Reviews

by @abigailrena
Apr 20, 2020


When K-beauty brands introduced us to sheet masks, we were all blown away by the ease of application and effective results. Instead of smearing muds, gels, and creams from a bottle onto our faces with clean fingers or a plastic spatula, we were simply unfolding cotton sheets soaked in serums and moisturizers, placing them on our faces, and sitting back to relax.

Sheet masks have made it easier than ever to achieve hydrated, glowing skin from within, but they didn’t actually originate from Korea. Sheet masks were invented by Parisian women in 1857. At first, they wrapped their faces in slices of beef to avoid signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles (thank goodness we don’t still do that—can you imagine covering your face in thinly sliced lunch meat?). Later, Parisian women began using ready-made sheet masks cut from cloth and soaked in moisturizers, serums, and oils. These were the predecessors for the sheet masks we know and use today.

Of course, now there are several different types of masks for all skin concerns. There are some that aid in hydration and some that soothe acne. There are also sheet masks with different features, like those with prints of cartoon characters that always make you look like a distorted nightmare version of said character, or those bubble sheet masks that tickle your skin and make you look like a soapy Pillsbury Dough Boy. The market is flooded with all kinds of them and it can be difficult to wade through it all in search of the best ones. Luckily, our community has tried them all and are giving insight into their favorites.

Here are the top 5 sheet masks brands on the app:

1. Florapy

It should come as no surprise that Florapy is the number one sheet mask on the app. We’ve added them to the drops several times, and each time you guys gobble them up like a pack of hungry wolves (for good reason, they're amazing). Florapy sheet masks are made from 100% coconut, which is why they have a gel-like consistency that clings to the face better than their cotton counterparts, and they are infused with flowers and aromatherapy essential oils, which is how Florapy got its name. Flowers + Aromatherapy = Flora•py. The brand launched with eight flower therapy masks and a goal to marry the mind and body in one simple, self-care step. With hundreds of reviews, we’d say our SG community is feeling pretty centered right now.

2. Purlisse

Bet you didn’t think while watching the villain in Power Rangers Lightning Speed Rescue that she would be a savior for your skin one day. After being successfully defeated by the Power Rangers, Jennifer Yen decided to start her own beauty line using her grandmother’s Asian beauty secrets. You can read more about her journey into the beauty industry and her experience starting not one, but two beauty brands in our Founder Story here. Purlisse sheet masks are infused with ingredients that honor Yen’s Chinese-American heritage and provide top skin healing results.

3. Garnier SkinActives

Garnier is going to rule the world one day. First, there was a line of hair care products like the Sleek and Shine Leave-In Conditioner and the 1 Minute Avacado Hair Mask. Then Garnier came out with a SkinActives line that included our SG community’s favorite Micellar Cleansing Water. Now Garnier’s Sheet Masks are going to sneak into your skincare routine; there's the Moisture Bomb series of masks, which is the bomb.com according to our users because it provides deep hydration. There is also the charcoal sheet mask, which draws out impurities and helps to cleanse the skin.

4. TonyMoly

I have two questions for TonyMoly: 1) Who is Tony? And 2) How moly is he really? This K-beauty brand was born in Seoul in 2006 with high-quality ingredients, innovative technology, and eye-catching packaging that has taken the world by storm. TonyMoly sheet mask packaging comes in irregular shapes, not just your typical rectangle, which helps the brand stand out on the shelves with huge illustrations of the natural ingredients in the mask. Our community loves the I’m Real series of masks, which come in 28 varieties, but TonyMoly offers an array of other masks too, from the Dr. Logy series, which is more focused on results, to the Natural Aroma series, which aims for sensory experience.

5. Bliss

You know Bliss. We’ve dropped Bliss serums and toners and eye creams in the rewards so many times you’d think this app is secretly owned by this high-performing skincare brand (we aren’t). Like those other products, though, Bliss’ sheet masks are…dare I say it? Pure Bliss (I’ll see myself out for that terrible pun🚶‍♀️). What makes Bliss’ sheet masks unique it the foil outer layer. Not only does this look cute (Who doesn’t want to look like a holographic alien while masking?), but it also helps lock in some of the product so it has nowhere to go but into the skin. Just be careful to avoid direct sunlight when wearing these masks. We don’t want you to cook in the sun like a freshly wrapped burrito.

What is your favorite sheet mask? Do you just lay it on your face and let it do its magic or do you use a jade roller to massage the product into the skin? Do you only leave it on for the recommended amount of time or do you always leave it on as long as possible? Let us know by reviewing your favorite sheet mask and adding it below!

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