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What's Your Favorite Makeup Brush or Brush Set?

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I'm not sure why but makeup brushes were a very lackluster category in my beauty arsenal until very recently. I had accumulated a bunch of different brushes from various places and points in time (my oldest brush might be over a decade old), and I used to same ones to accomplish very different tasks. I only had 2 eyeshadow brushes (one wasn't fluffy enough the the other wasn't dense enough) and I had only one brush for bronzer (and none for blush!). Truly shocking behavior from a beauty editor who should absolutely know better. Shameful!

After watching enough Vogue Beauty Secrets videos on YouTube, I snapped. I needed a good brush set that included everything so I could try the techniques I was watching, like Madison Beer's contour and blush duo and Kehlani's glowy skin routine. So I did what any person looking for a good, inexpensive brush set would do: I went to Morphe.

I settled on the Rosé Baes Mini Brush Collection, a set of 7 brushes that included everything I was missing—and I got it for $25. Now that I have the right brushes for everything I want to do with makeup, I will never underestimate their power again.

So, tell me: what is your all time favorite makeup brush or brush set? If you have more than one, share them all! We need more brush recommendations on the app. Add your review below!


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