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These Are Our Favorite Lip Gloss Reviews

Lip gloss has come quite a way since its rollerball days. It's grown-up. It's sophisticated. It's fancy. And while we never really put expectations upon it greater than "please make my lips look very shiny, thank you," lip gloss has gone above and beyond to include nourishing, moisturizing ingredients, lacquer-like pigment, and it's even gotten better about catching hair in the breeze. It can basically make your lips look like a race car, and who doesn't want that! And like fast, shiny race cars that we love to watch go zoom, zoom, we really love watching lip gloss do...pretty much anything. I mean, is there anything as satisfying as watching a lip gloss application? In this context, no. And here we are. Behold our favorite, most satisfying-to-watch lip gloss reviews on Supergreat. Zone out on the ooze and enjoy some eye candy.
Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss, Kristen, Cool Desert Sand
Lip Gloss


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