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I Tested Every Kosas Product: Here Are My 5 Favorites

by @sabletoothtigre
Jul 28, 2020


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I was first introduced to Kosas through my beauty editor days at Allure. They were a small indie clean makeup brand that so many makeup artists touted for actually having pigment and also really lovely textures and wears. Any clean/natural makeup brand that a professional editorial makeup artist recommended to me stuck in my brain since so many ticked all the boxes for being clean and natural but with lackluster performance. Their cream blush and highlighter duos were a first love of mine, and then after learning that Rami Malek and I wear the same shade of the Tinted Face Oil, I was like "OK, this is for real."

Since then, I've grown my collection to include more of their makeup products and save for lashes and brows, I'm very happy doing a full face of Kosas. Here are a few of my faves.

1. Revealer Concealer

This liquid concealer is a medium-coverage, natural-finish complexion product, that can take the place of a full-face of foundation for me, any day. A small amount goes a long way for me, it blends in flawlessly, and feels like I'm wearing nothing. All things you'd want in a concealer, right? The finish is a bit dewier than many others of this coverage so if you want to tamp down the shine, you're going to have to finish with powder.

2. Wet Lip Oil Gloss

Sometime around 2019 lip glosses all became lip oils, and I know what they're trying to do but I'm still like... calm down. Kosas was one of the first brands hitching to that wagon from the get-go, but what makes theirs legit to me is that it actually has a generous amount of pigment. Most lip oils are super sheer tinted formulas that always read clear or barely pink/red. Also, they're usually so watery that they evaporate quickly.

Kosas only has four shades of their Wet Lip Oil, but they're all distinct and offer legit GLOSSY color without the sticky feeling. So it's kind of a hybrid lip balm and gloss in one, which I the opposite of hate.

3. 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eye shadows are some of the best innovations of the 21st century, I'll tell you now. But It took a while to get the performance aspect down. We want saturated pigment and we want it to LAST. The speedy formula of Kosas's gives us a bit of both. Now, these are truly liquid — like watery liquid — and there's a bit of a learning curve to applying them, but once you get it right they will work for you and you alone.

I like that you can build these up in saturation. One layer will give you a sheer watercolor wash, and another amps up the color. They feel...completely weightless once dried down and they don't budge. True to its name, you have about a 10-second window to blend them on and then they're SET.

4. The Sun Show Bronzer

Powder bronzers have a rep of either being totally matte or quite obviously shimmery — not that there's anything wrong with that. But I want a bronzer with an illuminating glow that doesn't look like I'm obviously wearing bronzer, you know? That's where The Sun Show comes in. It's a baked powder formula that has such a creamy, crumbly texture that just the daintiest swipe of a brush across the pan loads it the hell up. You don't need a lot for a lot of pigment is what I mean. There's a micro-shimmer finish to the powder that reflects and blurs light for a pretty and dimensional finish that nails the whole look, IMO.

5. Tropic Equinox Color & Light Palette

When it comes to one-and-done face products, Kosas's blush and highlighter duos are IT. These duos come in four shades, which have a High Intensity option for MORE saturated pigment, if that's more what you're after (so eight shades total, then, I guess).

Tropic Equinox is the bronzing and highlighting one I love because the regular version compliments my skin tone really well. The pigments are creamy, saturated, and melt into the skin so seamlessly that you look super dewy in a lit-from-within way.

What are your favorite Kosas products? Add your review below.

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