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Welcome to SuperSales: Here Are 30 Sales Happening on the App This Week

by @alexis-gaskin
Nov 25, 2021


Sales. Sales. Sales. There's nothing quite like the mini serotonin boost you get from shopping—maybe it’s just me (I don’t think it is), but whenever there is a good sale or discount on my favorite items, I have to stop myself from buying everything. There is something to be said about the mass consumerism of these times, but we’ll leave that to the other think pieces. Capitalism aside, the team at Supergreat has been working around the clock to bring personalized sales to the app with products and brands that our community loves. Skip the line (literally) and shop from the comfort of your own bed with all these amazing sales. Grab your fuzzy slippers, have a form of payment ready, and check your funds because we’re doing multiple days of sales, and each one is better than the last.

All deals run from 12am -12am EST on the day of the sale.

Black Friday Sales

Listen, no one has the time or energy to shop in stores this year. Between trying to stay safe with COVID regulation practices (please keep wearing a mask) and the literal fighting that happens between two shoppers over a toaster, we’re electively skipping that portion of the deals. But we’ve got your back, because we’re nice like that, with the following sales exclusive to Supergreat.


Shop this discounted bundle, live right now for the perfect manicure that will leave you wondering why you ever paid so much to get them done. Founded by former Project Runway contestant, Erin Roberston created this kit to take care of our most important tool, our fingers.


Get your Kaja on with 3 bundles, all marked down 40% off this Black Friday. From the hardcore makeup lovers to newbies alike, Kaja has something for everyone in the cutest packaging that will tempt you to keep it yourself, but remember this is the time of GIVING.

What's for Sale

  • Beauty Bento Bundle
  • Vacay Beach Glow-Medium
  • Pina Colada Bundle


So, I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but Supergreat is obsessed with Freck, and this is 100% cosigned by the staff. Their products, firstly and most importantly, leave different skin types and complexions glowy and flushed with their product range. Whether you need a gentle cleanser between looks or you want a flushed cheek complexion for random Zoom calls, Freck has your back. No need to choose between two queens, shop the Best of Freck Duo that includes the CheekSlime and the Freck OG pen.

What's for Sale

  • Best of Freck Duo

I Dew Care

Picture this, you got your favorite hot beverage, you’re in a comfy seat, there are no random third cousins asking you questions about your life, and you’re vibing with an I Dew Care clay mask, all is right at the moment. I Dew Care, really cares, and are bringing us two discounted bundles.

What's for Sale

  • Zero Worries Bundle
  • Mega Mighty Trio

Small Business Saturday

For the most part, a lot of the Supergreat Sales you’ll see feature small businesses that we love and support year round, but we’re celebrating them specifically on Saturday.


For the minimalist maven in your life, or if you also watched the live with the founder Anastasia Bezrukova and you’ve become obsessed ever since. Minori has the essentials for every makeup routine with products that can be used in various ways so you can cut back on mountains of products that maybe, you don’t need anymore.

What's for Sale

  • So Cozy Bundle
  • Minori Merry Berry Bundle
  • Minori Minimalist Lip Duo


Made for those who have periods, Blume knows that your skin is different during the hormonal changes of having a period. Whether you break out on your cheeks, or your skin gets insanely dry, this sister founded brand has gentle products to help with whatever pesky skin concerns might ensue. A big plus, they’re packaging, ingredients, and process is all sustainably made.

What's for Sale

  • Glowy Skin Bundle


Bad hair days suck. That’s it, that’s the sentence. If, like me, you’re prone to throwing your hair up into a bun because you just can’t be bothered, Ceremonia wants you to give your strands a chance.

What's for Sale

  • The Hair Oil Ritual Bundle


SELFMADE is all about the experience of being a human, and developing products that also make you stop to think about your mental health. Hydrating ingredients like squalene and hyaluronic acid take over to make our skin so glowy, people will wonder what highlighter you’re using.

What's for Sale

  • Cozy Night In Set

Sunday Funday

Just another Manic Monday....I wish it was Sunday….that’s my funday. The Bangles? Anyone? I’m going to assume you know what I mean because that’s a great song. We're continuing with the multiple days of sales, and if you’re tired already, too bad because you’ll perk up quickly with these deals that put the Fun in Sunday Funday.


A korean skincare brand, Otzi keeps it simple with clean ingredients and aesthetically pleasing packaging that gets to the point, so you spend less time worrying about your skin, and more time enjoying life. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is what bundle you want (get both, you’ll thank me later).

What's for Sale

  • Multi Crystal Bundle
  • Hydro-C Bundle

Alpyn Beauty

Wildcrafted skin care is what makes Alpyn Beauty what it is, more than a sustainable brand that uses natural ingredients, Kendra Kolb Butler wanted to protect the plants they were using while also conserving the benefits within them. What results in the plan still alive and well, and skin loving products that don’t add to the already wasteful industry.

What's for Sale

  • Mountain Dew-O

Province Apothecary

Julie Clark founded the holistic skincare brand Province Apothecary, after years of struggling with eczema and her allergies that left simple things like washing ones face difficult. After learning more about the industry and the science of it all, Julie created high quality products like serums, concentrates, and face rollers to help with targeted skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, acne, oily skin, etc. All are made in small-batches to preserve the quality, and to avoid waste.

What's for Sale

  • Wellness Rollers Bundle (Sleep Well, Uplift, + Calm Down)
  • Antiseptic Hand Cleanser
  • Balm Bundle (Protecting + Restoring Face Balm, Hydrating Rescue Balm, Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm)

Chemist Confessions

It’s all about chemistry, obviously. The science of skincare is such an important part of the industry that sometimes gets glossed over by pretty packaging and scents. Chemists Gloria and Victoria found Chemist Confessions to create skincare that works with different skin concerns to provide lasting knowledge on what’s going on in the bottles and our pores.

What's for Sale

  • The Specialist Exfoliation Treatment & Blank Slate Low pH Gentle Cleanser

Cyber Monday

Okay so all the other sales are also cyber based, so the name is purely for SEO reasons, but you can still start your week off right with these discounts and bundles. Keep checking off your gift lists, and if you forgot about any random gift exchanges now's the time to buy.

The Beauty Spy

A one stop shop for international inspired products, founder Chelsea Scott discovered while traveling abroad the diverse wonders of the beauty industries that were enriched in different cultures. What resulted, is the Beauty Spy, not just a place to discover and purchase international goodies, but also a line of products from the namesake including the Supergreat favorite, cleansing balm.

What's for Sale

  • Moremo Holiday Repair-Care Kit


There seems to be hundreds of options when it comes to purchasing toothpaste, but we know from experience that not all teeth cleaning products are made the same. Founder Julian and Cody Levine and Lenny Kravitz (yes, that Lenny Kravitz), set out to create a tooth cleaning brand that is boosted with vitamins for a better smile and a dentist approved shine. The Starter Set has everything you need to swap over from whatever traditional toothpaste you’ve been using, because why should our skincare have all the fun.

What's for Sale

  • Starter Set


Hally is turning the colorful hair community on it’s head with the first ever foam formula hair dye. Developed as a demi-permanent—meaning it will last longer than a traditional semi-permanent and can lighten hair depending on the color. Just a reminder, always read the instructions and do a patch test before going all in in case of any allergies you didn’t know you had.

What's for Sale

  • Foaming Hair Color Holiday Gift Set - Purple Avalanche
  • Foaming Hair Color Holiday Gift Set - Rose Gold
  • Foaming Hair Color Holiday Gift Set - Atomic Blonde

St. Moriz

A sun kissed glow is still possible during the winter. Maybe you can’t actually go to a tropical island right now (if you are, I’m super jealous, can I come?) but a light tan is a few pumps and gentle application away from a St. Moriz supplied hue.

What's for Sale

  • Deluxe Face and Body Glow Bundle (in medium or dark)
  • Miracle Tanning Serum
And there you have it! Be sure to let us know which bundles you’re securing for yourself or friends, and review all the goodies once they come in. And if you’re already having shopping fatigue, we get it. You can opt for instead a homemade card, DIY face masks, and even Spotify playlists for loved ones this holiday season. It’s not always about how much you spend, it’s about the time we spend with each other….but a serum or two doesn’t hurt.