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The Best Beauty Hacks Challenge

by @alexis-gaskin
Nov 10, 2022


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Beauty Hacks are innovative ways to utilize everyday tools and beauty products outside of their traditional use. Chances are you’re probably already doing something in your beauty routine that can be categorized as a hack.

Applying lotion while your skin is wet? That’s a hack. Using hair oil as a cuticle oil? That’s a hack. Using mascara as eyeliner? That’s a hack!

Celebrities creating skincare lines even though they know nothing about skincare, they are the hacks. See? Hacks are everywhere in the beauty industry!

This brings us to our next challenge hosted by the very lovely and talented, Andrea (aka beautyenergizer).

Andrea’s Beauty Hacks

For Andrea, a beauty hack saves you time on your whole look. She shares with Supergreat that she was inspired to do this challenge after a live series she did on Pinterest. “I was seeing beauty hacks all over my fyp on TikTok and said I need to try some of these.”

In her reviews, Andrea shares her beauty hacks for an invisible eyeliner look and a DIY Blush moment. “The beauty hacks work mainly for makeup to help save time. For skincare, [a beauty hack] would help your skin by enhancing the use of the products—for example—slugging, which is taking Vaseline and placing it all over your face then waking up renewed.”

Invisible Eyeliner

Andrea was inspired by May/Tahmina, an online makeup creator, for her invisible eyeliner hack. Here’s the breakdown, which can also be seen in her reviews:

  1. Grab a thin brush & place a quarter size amount onto your mixing palette (or the back of your hand).
  2. Use the thin brush to grab some of the concealer & start on the end of the waterline upward towards the eyebrow area.
  3. Grab some more concealer and start from the inner corner of the eye and begin to shape the wing above the crease connecting it to the other concealer line.
  4. Use eye makeup remover to clean the inside of the invisible wing with a thin brush.
  5. Grab your powder foundation and a small blending brush and begin to set the top and bottom of the eye. 6

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DIY Blush

Andrea got the idea for this hack from a graphic she saw on BoxyCharm. Here’s the breakdown, which can also be seen in her reviews:

  1. Use an eyeshadow palette that has a bright pink (or color of your choice) for your cheeks and use a spatula to scrape some of the pigment onto a mixing plate.
  2. Once you have enough pigment on your mixing plate, add foundation and begin to mix.
  3. You can add more foundation depending on the consistency of the blush. Use a sponge to grab some of the blush to place on your cheeks.
  4. When you are done adding the amount of blush you want, set it with a powder blush or powder foundation.

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Other Beauty Hacks:

There are endless beauty hacks out there, if you need some inspiration or don’t know where to look, think about your everyday routine and explore how you can simplify it! A few other hacks that Andrea recommends are;

  • Use an eyelash curler to create a cut crease
  • use a toothpick to create a wing liner
  • concealer hack to sculpt the face
  • calamine lotion as primer
  • spoon hack to create a cut crease

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