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SGBA Challenge: Best ASMR Review

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Welcome to the second annual Supergreat Beauty Awards. This year we’re doing things even bigger. We want you all to get your creativity flowing and are hosting several challenges this week for a chance to earn more coins and potentially win a Supergreat Community Award.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or better known as ASMR, has become its own sensation over the past few years and it’s easy to see why. Whether it be a visual or audio sensation, ASMR is so addictive to watch for its aesthetic sounds and textures.

We want you to capture those pleasing moments in your very own ASMR review on Supergreat. Beauty focused ASMR videos are always a treat, whether it’s the click clacking of a fresh set of nails, or the visual effects of textured makeup being applied, it’s an addictive watch. All A's here, Ashley and Alexis give us their “A-Game” in ASMR reviews that even feature a tiny mic to give you some Supergreat inspiration. Brush up on your favorite ASMR videos and give us all the satisfying sounds!

Ashley's Tiny Mic Review

"I love the texture ASMR, like beauty ASMR or where they "destroy" beauty products and like smoosh them/cut them apart. I think a good ASMR video focuses on the object making the noise vs the person behind it, I also think a big part of it is the products you choose. When I did mine I realized some of them didn't make as much of a sound as I thought they would!"

Alexis' Nail ASMR

"I often find myself spending hours watching and listening to ASMR videos. One of my favorite categories is slime of course, I don’t know what it is about it but my inner child gets so excited seeing the colors (and often times glitter) being mixed and made. I’m also a big fan of sound ASMR, the type that almost lulls you to sleep in a gentle way."

"I think a good ASMR video focuses on one thing at a time. It doesn’t need to be too complicated to create satisfying moments that almost give you chills. Focusing on the sound and creating pleasing moments with the items you have. For visual ASMR, it could be the swiping of eye shadow on someone’s lid, or the perfect application of polish, but it has to evoke a satisfying feeling too."

SHhhh-ow Us What You Got

Everyone who tries this challenge will get 50 coins for participation, and the winner will not only receive 300 Supercoins, but they will also receive an extra special prize that we will reveal in a live event on April 8th. You have until April 7th to enter.

Also, don’t forget to show the nominated brands you love what they mean to you and VOTE HERE!


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