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Things Are Heating Up! These Are the 3 Best Natural Deodorants on the App

by @abigailrena
Jan 30, 2019


The beauty industry’s shift towards health and wellness hasn’t excluded deodorant. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and your face and underarms are the two areas that do the most absorbing, so it’s best to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients as much as possible.

For so long, we've had to choose between smelling bad and putting bad products on our skin, but that's no longer the case. All-natural deodorants that actually work do exist (despite all the nasty trial and error we've done in the past), and our health-conscious community is here to lead you to the very best ones. Here are the top three on the app:

1. Hiki

Hiki is a body hygiene brand that was set to launch just after the Covid19 stay-at-home order took effect. As a result, the brand decided to delay it’s launch and instead donated over 20,000 sweat and odor-fighting products to healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers. Hiki completely depleted its inventory and now it is planning its re-launch… for real this time. But before the brand sold out of its inventory, a few lucky Supergreaters were able to get their hands on Hiki’s deodorant, which will retail for about $14. This all-natural deodorant stick glides over skin easily no matter how hairy you are, lasts up to 6 months, and comes in three scents including fresh wood, tea tree mint, and tangerine.

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2. Schmidt’s

Schmidt’s makes natural products for you and your home. The brand even makes cleaning vinegar so your counter tops can smell just as good as your armpits, which is pretty good if you’re using their deodorants. Schmidt’s founder, Jamie Schmidt, started making natural deodorants in her kitchen in 2010 after she was fed up with natural products that didn’t work. Ten years later, Schmidt offers 14 different scents for your pits. The brand also includes a sensitive skin line (because the original line contains a grainier formula) and deodorant in a jar for a more sustainable option.

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3. Kopari

Each Kopari product starts with 100% pure coconut oil sustainably sourced from small, family farms in the Philippines. According to the brand’s website, Kopari is “unnaturally obsessed with all things au naturel” and the brand values are clear in the formulation of its plant-based deodorants. Kopari’s deodorants retail for about $12 and the aluminum and baking soda-free formula comes in six tropical scents to take your pits on an island vaycay.

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