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Best Affordable Makeup Brushes: My Top 6 Favorites

by @Author_Heather
Jun 23, 2022


If you’re looking to buy makeup brushes, you’re probably thinking of buying pricey ones. You use them daily, so you might as well go all-out — after all, the steep price tag means it’s going to last a long time, right?

Not exactly..

Here’s a tip from me to you: there’s no need to splurge on makeup brushes. So don’t underestimate the drugstore — it’s a treasure trove of the best (and budget-friendly) makeup brushes.

Why You Don’t Need to Splurge

Cheap doesn’t always mean it’s bad, and pricey doesn’t always mean that it’s better. When buying a makeup brush, remember that the price won’t guarantee that your makeup will be “on point”. Often, you can get the same flawless finish with a $3 brush as a $30 one.

The key is to look at quality instead of the tag price. Take the time to feel their bristles (the tester bristles, of course!) and buy the ones that feel gentle on your skin. If your brush’s bristles are too scratchy, you might end up with red, irritated skin. Be on the lookout for any fallout, too — your brush shouldn’t shed!

Furthermore, the brush’s grip should be comfortable. Look for the best affordable makeup brushes with an ergonomic design, otherwise, you won’t be able to put on your makeup properly.

The point is that you shouldn’t base a brush’s “worthiness” on its price. As a rule of thumb, be open-minded when shopping for brushes. Rather than splurging on ones in a certain price range, buy brushes that get the job done. You’ll be surprised to find out that sometimes, all you need is a $10 tool to look like a thousand bucks!

6 Best Makeup Brushes on a Budget

I’ve used every makeup brush out there, from the cheap “how dare you call yourself a makeup brush” brushes to the “where did my money go” brushes. And while pricey brushes are usually better, I understand that their price tag isn’t attractive to everyone.

Fortunately, the best makeup brushes don’t need to break the bank. You’ll still be able to get the smoothest application using affordable makeup brushes from brands like EcoTools, BS-Mall, and more.

Below, I’ve put together a few of the best makeup brushes on a budget. These are brushes I’ve used before, so I can vouch for their effectiveness:

Best All-Around Brush Set: BS-MALL Brush Set ($20)

I don’t always have the patience to buy one makeup brush at a time. If you’re like me, you can buy one of my best-kept secrets: BS-MALL’s Brush Set. BS-MALL has a must-have brush set with 5 Kabuki-style brushes for the face and 9 brushes for the eyes and eyebrows.

When you buy this brush set, you’ll be ready to go full glam in no time. Its brushes are multipurpose, so you’re free to use them for any part of your face (whatever works, right?). Plus, the bristles can pick up makeup so easily that you won’t waste any product. The best part? They’re cruelty-free.

Best For Beginners: Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Makeup Brush Kit ($20)

If you’re dipping your toes into makeup for the first time, you likely don’t need a full kit. Don’t overwhelm yourself by buying every brush available — instead, get a beginner’s set like the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Makeup Brush Kit.

The set comes with four brushes for foundation, blush, powder, and more, as well as one Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Use the brushes however you want — they’re meant to be multipurpose. You can, for instance, use the super-soft RT 300 crease brush for both eyeshadow and concealer.

Best For Contour: Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set ($15)

Whether you want a sharp sculpt or a subtle shadow, the Lamora Pro Face Contour Brush Set is the set you need for that perfect contour. For $15, you’ll get a five-piece set of affordable makeup brushes, featuring a flat brush, fan brush, tapered brush, precision brush, and an angled brush.

Its brushes are so soft that they hug your face in all the right places. Every brush features fine bristles that allow you to blend out your contour, so your face can be as flawless (and free from harsh lines) as possible.

Best For Travel: EcoTools 360 Ultimate Travel Brush Kit ($10)

If you’re always on the go like me, you’ve got to buy the EcoTools 360 Ultimate Travel Brush Kit. The kit comes with three tiny brushes (a Mini Buff Brush, Mini Ultimate Blend Brush, and Mini Ultimate Eye brush) that are perfect for touch-ups.

As a bonus, these affordable makeup brushes are also made from cruelty-free fibers and eco-friendly materials like bamboo.

Best For Eyes: Docolor Eyeshadow Brush Set ($28)

If you could own only one eyeshadow set for the rest of your life, it should be the Docolor Eyeshadow Brush Set. It stands out with its neon-colored brushes that boast oh-so-soft bristles and comfortable grips. Its wide range of brushes allows you to blend away and create one-of-a-kind eye looks that’ll wow even the best beauty gurus in the world. Whether you want a smoky eye or a cut-crease, this is one of the most versatile sets you can buy on the market.

Best For Skincare: Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set ($14)

The best affordable makeup brushes aren’t only for makeup — they can be for primer, too! Get your face ready for glam with the Real Techniques Prep + Prime Set. It comes with three brushes: a “Dry Facial Brush” for exfoliation, a “Prep Brush” for primers, and a “Lip Exfoliating Brush” that’s the perfect pair for lip scrubs. There’s also an under-eye massager that goes well with eye gels.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t want to break the bank on makeup brushes, don’t worry. The best affordable makeup brushes are all you need for a full face of makeup. Not only do they get the job done, but they also cost a fraction of the price of expensive brushes. By using these budget-friendly tools, your makeup will be so snatched that people will be looking to you for makeup tips!

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