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10 Beauty Brands to Shop This Small Business Saturday

by @vanzillascott
Nov 24, 2020


This year, it's important that you spend your money supporting smaller businesses that have been most negatively affected by the pandemic. Whenever possible, look into smaller independent businesses to find the perfect Holiday item for your friends and family.

Small Business Saturday is always held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, and it's purpose is to do just that; support small businesses. So we rounded up our favorite indie beauty brands that will land you the title of Best Gift Giver this year.

1. Golde

In 2019, Trinity Mouzon Wofford became the youngest Black woman to ever launch a brand at Sephora. Trinity was 25 years old at the time, with two years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt. This summer, her brand completely sold out during the height of the movement to support Black owned businesses, which skyrocketed her already fast growing company.

Learn more about her brand here.

2. Ceremonia

"Beauty and hair care has always been such a strong pillar in my culture growing up," says Babba C Rivera. Known by her 141k Instagram followers as just Babba, Rivera is already a trend setter in the world of fashion, but her resume stretches far beyond that; she's the founder of brand marketing agency bybabba, a Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni, and most recently, a mom. After years of working within the tech industry, Rivera returned to her roots (literally) and founded Ceremonia, a hair care brand that pays homage to her Latinx heritage.

Learn more about her brand here.

3. iNNBeauty Project

We talk about the dizzying amount of new beauty brands often on Supergreat, but we rarely get to say that "this one is different." So I'll say it right now: iNNBeauty Project is actually different. "Everyone's like, why does the world need another brand, are you crazy," says the INNBeauty Project founder, Alisa Metzger. "But I think to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a little crazy, right?"

Read more about her brand and Supergreat's favorite lip oil here.

4. Topicals

Both Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng, the co-founders of Topicals, have chronic skin conditions (Olowe has post-barbae folliculitus and Teng has severe eczema). They've experienced first-hand how the narrative around skincare and the pursuit of perfect skin can lead to a decline in mental health. They launched Topicals back in August hoping to reconstruct that narrative while also providing dermatologist-approved skincare.

Read more about their brand here.

5. Shaz & Kiks

Sisters Shaz Rajashekar and Kiku Chaudhuri co-founded haircare brand Shaz & Kiks to teach people about the basics of haircare and provide them with the right products to keep their hair healthy. Shaz & Kiks launched just a few months ago and it’s already transfoming the industry with its prewash, which the brand calls the “new step one” to your haircare routine.

Read more about their brand here.

6. Luna Magic

This vibrant beauty brand was founded by Afro-Latina and Dominican-American sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías. They were inspired by the rich cultures and music of the Caribbean and Latin America, the hustle and bustle of NYC, and the glamour of Los Angeles. Luna Magic's products are bright, colorful, and fun from their magenta liquid lipsticks to their full and flirty lashes.

Watch more Luna Magic reviews here.

7. ManiMe

ManiMe creates stick-on gel manicures that are as easy to change as your shoes. This isn't your drugstore stick-ons with shapes you have to cut and reshape—these are made using the exact size, shape, and curve of your nails, and it's really easy to do. When you order from ManiMe, you will be asked to provide images of your nails and then ManiMe uses 3D technology to make sure each nail sticker fits like a glove.

8. Journ

You might own a lot of skincare or a ton of makeup—but do you own anything that's a skincare/makeup hybrid? Journ founder Sara Shah left her job as a lawyer in an effort to create this kind of product for her cystic acne-prone skin. "When I started developing it, I created this profile of this perfect product, and it was a very detailed," she says. "When I brought it to various labs here in the U.S., the first problem that I learned very quickly was that makeup and skincare are siloed—makeup chemists have no or very little overlap with skincare chemists."

Learn more about her brand here.

9. Blunt Skincare

Here at SG, we love a chemist. You can test every product out there and you can read about every ingredient in them, but you still won't have the knowledge of a chemist—especially one that played a hand in creating (and innovating) some of the most iconic skincare products of the last decade. After spending several years at L'Oréal and then Johnson & Johnson, Stas Chirkov heard about a rising "IT ingredient" called CBD at a trade show and got testing. What he found was so exciting that he created BLUNT Skincare, a brand that refuses to "weedwash", instead aiming to educate their consumers about CBD and it's amazing properties for the skin.

Learn more about his brand here.

10. Bread Beauty Supply

Curly girlies, this one is for you! Bread Beauty Supply creates "haircare basics for not so basic hair." It was founded by Maeva Heim to help those with curly hair embrace their natural texture without all the fuss so you can think less about your hair and more about anything else. All you need is a wash, a mask, and an oil to keep your curl bouncy and defined.

Watch more Bread Beauty Supply reviews here.

What are some beauty brands you recommend shopping from this Small Business Saturday? Add your review below so we can get in on the good deals and help these businesses grow!

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