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How to Do Animal Print Eyes

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This quarantine has been all about trying! new! things! using my children's face paint palette and ONLY that. For the record, I do have all of my makeup with me, I'm choosing to use these face paint cakes in every single look I do. We're all losing our minds in different ways.

A lot of people have been sharing that being creative with makeup has been therapeutic for them over the last few months and I agree. I look forward to challenging myself and love sitting down and painting my face when I have the time and patience to do it. First I did a cloudy sky look, then I dabbled in colored mascara—and now we're getting into animal print. I went with cow, but you can also try your hand at zebra, cheetah, tiger, snake, bird, butterfly, and even giraffe (I've seen it).

I'd love to hear what kinds of challenges you guys want to see on the app. Add a review of your animal print eyelid and make your challenge suggestions! Here's mine.

And here's Abi's cheetah look.
Arches & Halos Duo Luxury Brow Powder - 0.088oz
Perversion Waterproof Fine Point Eye Pen
Show us yours! Everyone who adds a review of their animal print look to this article before 05/20 will be awarded 5 coins. 😍


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