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Alyssa Coscarelli surrounded by her favorite beauty products

Highlight Reel

Get Ready With Alyssa Coscarelli

by @vanzillascott
Sep 23, 2020


How many times a day do you open Instagram, find someone whose style, hair, and skin are absolute chef's kiss, and wish you knew their exact skincare and makeup routine (and how they got that incredible wardrobe)? For me, about a hundred times a day. And if you follow Alyssa Coscarelli, known as @alyssainthecity, that number will likely go up.

Coscarelli's feed is a moodboard for all things home decor, fashion and beauty, and her look was accurately described by one SG staffer as "dewy woodland creature." You may be wondering, how does she achieve that perfect sun kissed glow from within? How do her brows do that perfect bushy thing? Well, we have all the answer for you today, and we can do one even better: tonight at 7pm EST, she will be going LIVE on the app to drop all her favorite products from brands like ILIA Beauty, Somme Institute, and more. That's right—a multiple reward drop.

Don't be fooled by her perfect complexion today—like most of us, she once struggled with acne. "The first product I loved enough to use every day was actually a Clearasil face wash," she says. "It was a creamy, lactic acid cleanser that could be also be used as a mask. I think I was hooked in middle school and high school. I was really struggling with acne at the time and I did feel like it helped. I try not to use products that harsh anymore, but at the time it was a lifesaver."

When shopping for a new product, she has a simple formula. "First and foremost I look for effective ingredients," she says. "I wish I could say I was reading the back of every label, but I'm not really there yet and it still feels like a foreign language to me. I just want the product to work, plain and simple. I often follow the lead of friends of mine who know a lot more about product ingredients than I do, or get product recommendations from people I follow online who are true experts in the space." Supergreat, feel free to comment some recs on her reviews (!!). "I also tend to care about what the brand stands for on a larger level," she says, "but I'll make exceptions for branding if the product is truly effective."

Here are her must have products to achieve her everyday look, so you can decide what you'd like to redeem tonight to finally become the dewy woodland creature you were born to be. Plus, she reviewed a sweet demo of her makeup routine, as a treat!

Instagram @alyssainthecity

Instagram @alyssainthecity


Step 1: Somme Institute Cleanser

"This is a creamy, milky cleanser that's super reliable and gentle on the skin. I alternate between the Somme cleanser and the Starface cleanser. They're both gentle, but Starface foams a bit while Somme is creamier and a bit more gentle. I use both depending what my skin feels it needs. If it's feeling extra oily, I'll use Starface, but if it just needs a gentle wash, I'll use Somme."

Step 2: Somme Institute Transport Pads

"These are gentle, effective exfoliating pads that give skin an added glow and evenness and help keep acne at bay."

Step 3: IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum

"This is my miracle serum. It keeps my skin looking bouncy and healthy-looking, and helps any breakouts or bumps heal faster."

Step 4: Somme Institute Sunscreen

"This is a medical grade SPF 50 that I use daily, it rubs in easily and wears well under makeup. It does smell like a sunscreen, but I actually like the smell because it reminds me of summer and growing up in Florida."


Step 1: YSL Touche Eclat

"I use this smooth, brightening concealer mostly for under-eyes. It has buildable coverage without looking cakey."

Step 2: ILIA Bronzer and Highlighter

"This bronzer and highlight duo is so glowy and natural-looking, it's been my go-to all summer. I create a subtle contour using these two products, and it takes me no time at all."

Step 3: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

"This is my go-to concealer for spots or blemishes because it looks like a second skin and is buildable depending on what you're trying to cover."

Step 4: Patrick TA Major Brow Shaping Wax

"Boy Brow never really worked for me because my brows are super thin, so it's nice to finally find a brow product that gives my brows that fluffy appearance even though they're not the fullest."

Step 5: ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

"I am absolutely hooked on this mascara because it's both lengthening and volumizing without being clumpy. It stays on all day, but comes off super easily at the end of the day with a cleansing balm, or even just water."

Hair Care

Step 1: Bumble and Bumble Curl Luminous Oil Spray

"This is the product I first used when I started air drying my hair again after straightening it for years, and I've been loyal to it ever since for banning frizz and shaping my waves."

Step 2: GM Reverie Milk Anti Frizz Leave In Nourishing Treatment

"A leave-in anti-frizz treatment that's vegan and smells incredible. I had to find a new hairdresser when I moved to LA recently; his name is Garrett Markenson and this is his wonderful line of products."

We're so excited for tonight's drop that we rounded up some of our favorite ILIA reviews below! Get excited! Don't forget to join the live event on the app tonight at 7pm EST so you don't miss a thing.

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