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Introducing the Faces Behind Our New Supercreator Program

by @alexis-gaskin
Feb 14, 2022


Supergreat is growing (thanks to all of you) and we’re more excited than ever for what’s to come! From more and more drops and sales to non-stop creative challenges, and from an ever growing list of live hosts and creators to new brands popping up daily, we promise we will always give you a reason to keep coming back for more. So as promised, here’s a brand new feature to be excited about; our Supercreator Program.

We're doing it big and tapped around 300 talented Supergreaters as the first batch of creators for this program. And no—this isn’t the same as our Live Host Program— it’s totally different. Here’s how.

Who is a Supercreator

A Supercreator is a community member who makes high quality, informative, and fun reviews on the app who not only follows the community guidelines but also goes above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for everyone. These creators also take their reviews and love of Supergreat to Instagram and TikTok to spread the word about our special community.

The Supercreator program offers exclusive perks and access with even more to come.

Our first creators are Supergreaters who are active in the community, always keeping things positive in live shows and in the comment section, and constantly posting quality reviews on the drops they receive. Their work and talent speak for themselves and we wanted to highlight 5 of the new additions, so please welcome and applaud a few of our new Supercreators!

Bianca (BeautyinTheBlazer)

"I love that SG cultivates an inclusive safe space for beauty lovers and creatives from all walks of life.” -@beautyintheblazer


“Supergreat is such an amazing community it’s a perfect place to learn so much about makeup, skincare & lot more, it has changed my life for the better and brought me out of my comfort zone and increased confidence in me !”

Annie Mae (SirenHippie)

“What I love most about Supergreat is the abundance of love and support that never wavers. I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression and insecurity my whole life and the Supergreat community has been a big part of helping me overcome it all. We are one big, happy family.” -@SirenHippie

Shailza (myskincaremakeuplife)

Rocio (DropofDewBeauty)

“Supergreat is my happy place! It is the community where I can be myself with no judgments and gain a tremendous amount of support and love. I love that we all share beauty-related things and that there are no filters on the app because let’s face it, we see enough of that on other social media platforms. SG has brought positivity to my life and for that I am thankful.” -@DropofDewBeauty

How can you become a Supercreator?

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can become the next Supercreator. We’re happy to share that our team will be adding new members to the program all the time. We’re always looking for new talented creators and to highlight the active members of our community. Things we’re looking for:

  • Active members of Supergreat (on the app and on IG/TikTok)
  • Reviews with good lighting, audio, and demos
  • Consistently reviews the products they get from Reward Drops

If you think this is you, fill out this form as we work on our next pool of Supercreators.