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Makeup Wipes Are Land-Fillers; Use This Reusable Cloth Instead

by @vanzillascott
Feb 26, 2020


It’s scary to think of the amount of makeup wipes that end up in landfills every day. They take about a 100 years to break down, and with 1.3 billion of them getting tossed daily, it’s time for us to change our habits ASAP.

Also, who else is sick of paying almost $10 per pack?

The Makeup Eraser is one solution to this growing problem; it removes all of your makeup with water only, and this includes waterproof eyeliner and mascara. You can even get a free sample on their website right now; all you have to do is follow them on Instagram.

One cloth can be used for up to 3-5 years, and judging from your reviews, they really do take everything off. See for yourself.

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