Abbywrenartistry in Alien Makeup

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Abbywrenartistry's Alien Abduction Challenge!

by @vanzillascott
Mar 04, 2021


40 Challenge entries

Abby, painted purple, covered in shooting stars, with a flying saucer beaming down from her forehead. IYKYK.

Our live events are truly one of a kind—especially when it comes to Abbywrenartistry's Freaky Friday, a live show every Friday night at 8pm EST where this incredibly talented Supergreater does the wildest special effects makeup. Last week she turned herself into a cactus, while on location in the desert. We couldn't love her more if we tried.

So many of you requested a challenge after her alien-inspired Freaky Friday episode a few weeks back that we just had to. So here she is!

CHALLENGE: Try out Abby's alien look, add your review below and we'll give you 20 coins! Feel free to pair it down (or up) if you don't have the time to paint your entire body purple 🤣 Abby will choose one winner who will get 100 Supercoins. Only one entry per person will be counted (although you can submit as many as you like) and you can enter until 03/15. GOOD LUCK!