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Holiday Gift Guide: Products for Everyone On Your List

by @abigailrena
Dec 10, 2019


'Tis the season of stressfully running around town, searching for gifts for people who have it all. Hours spent scrolling through online sales and wandering aimlessly through department stores can drive a person mad, but you have an edge over everyone else: you have Supergreat. Let us take some of the stess out of this holiday season by giving you some skincare and beauty product ideas for everyone on your list, recommended by trustworthy people just like you.

Whether you're shopping for your makeup obsessed best friend or your father who has never heard the word 'skincare,' we've got you (and them) covered.

For the Glittery Disco Lover

We all have a friend who leaves a trail of glittering dust everywhere they go. Help them take their love for sparkle to the next level this holiday season with Lemonhead LA Spacepaste or Glossier Play Glitter Gelée.

For the Skincare and Makeup Denier

Many people are skittish creatures when it comes to beauty and skincare products, so you have to be strategic with your gift giving. 🙄 Luckily, Mighty Patch's Hydrocolloid Acne Absorbing Spot Treatment is the perfect skincare product for anyone in your life. They're useful, they work great, and everybody on earth gets a pimple every now and then.

For the Mistake Maker

This is for the person who's just starting to get into makeup, like really getting into makeup. They're experimenting with electrifying eye shadows, crazy contours, and ludicrous lip colors. When their look doesn't turn out like the tutorial, they need something powerful but gentle to cleanse their face. Give them the gift of a fresh start with Makeup Eraser's Makeup Removal Cloth, or at least the gift of a redo with the Mistake Erase Liquid Eyeliner.

For the Unexpected Gift Giver

We've all been there—someone surprises you with a gift and you realize that you have not done the same and so you have to lie and say you forgot your gift for them at home or it got lost in the mail. What? You didn't get my package? CrAzY! Avoid that awkward encounter this holiday, and pre-wrap Florapy Beauty's Assorted Sheet Mask Set. With eight different masks inside, the receiver is sure to fall in love with at least one (if not all).

For the Glossy Glutton

This gift is for the person who wouldn't hesitate to dunk their whole head into a tube of lip gloss. Help them achieve the sheen of her dreams by giving the gift of Rihanna level lips with the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, or SG-favorite INNBeauty Project Glaze #1.

For the Thirsty Plant Mom

Your plants need misting in the winter, so why wouldn't your skin need it as well? Mario Badescu's Facial Spray can be sprayed before, during, and after makeup application so they can hydrate whenever the thirst strikes. Buy the travel sized set if you don't know which scent your plant mom prefers.

For the Sleeping Beauty

This is for the friend who's late to everything because they love to sleep in. In fact, they love sleeping in so much that they can't be bothered to remember to grab their lip balm before rushing out the door. In this case, Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is the perfect gift for them, because they can hydrate while they sleep.

For the Glow-Up Obsessed

We all have that friend who loves sharing unflattering throwback photos on Facebook to remind their followers how far they've come. Remember bumpits? Frosted eyeshadow? Foundation lines along the chin? Help your friend relive their #TransformationTuesday everyday with the Too Faced Then & Now Eyeshadow Palette, which features eyeshadow shades from 1998 and 2018 for some serious nostalgia.

For the UV Sponge

Friends don't let friends go outside without putting on sunscreen. If you have an outdoor adventurer in your life who somehow missed the memo that sunscreen is an everyday necessity, even when it's cloudy, bring your friend into 2020 with the gift of protected skin. The Unseen Sunscreen with SPF 40 by SuperGoop! is perfect for everyday.

For the Health Heathen

This person can be really hard to shop for. They only like gifts that are good for them AND the environment. Luckily Youth to the People exists and their Superfood Cleanser packs a nourishing dose of healthy greens like Kale and Spinach. It's the perfect gift for a health junkie.

For the Luxury Lover

This friend loves the finer things in life: diamonds, champagne, and skincare products that cost over $50. Help your friend indulge in the luxuries of life by giving the gift of Drunk Elephant's Out of Office Daytime Skincare Set. Don't worry—at only $25 this gift won't break the bank.

For the Flirty but Frustrated Friend

Lipstick is tricky; so many formulas don't stay on, or dry out your lips, or are patchy—hence the frustration. Bite Beauty's Creamy Amuse Bouche Supercharged Lipstick is the perfect gift for the anyone who want to blow kisses freely without worrying in their lipstick is still on. Give the four piece mini set so your friend can decide the best shade leaving lip stains everywhere they go.

What products do you recommend gifting this holiday season? Leave your review below!

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