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Before & After: 5 Supergreaters Test Exa Foundation

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I just want to say that when we send products to Supergreaters and ask them to share their unbiased opinions, there's usually a criticism or two peppered into their responses. That's okay, that's what we expect from you—unfiltered honesty. In the case of Exa and their High Fidelity Foundation and Jump Start Primer, the feedback we received was resoundingly positive. And as someone who now wears the foundation myself, it's not difficult to see why.

Exa's products are plant-based and vegan (they're sold at Credo), the primer doubles as skin care with ingredients including raspberry seed and cocoa fruit powder, and their lightweight, incredibly moisturizing foundation comes in 43 shades. This is the most comfortable foundation I have ever worn, and the coverage it provides looks super natural and leaves everyone glowing. Just look at these (utterly untouched) before and after images yourself!

Here's what 5 Supergreaters had to say about Exa.


Shade: Rae 200

Before & After:


Shade: DeQuan 150

Before & After:


Shade: Laura 320

Before & After:


Shade: Elliot 160

Before & After:


Shade: Liam 480

Before & After:

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