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Find Your Inner Emo in This Checkered Makeup Challenge

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Checkered eye makeup on a pink checkered background

In 2007, checkered print was everywhere. Checkered pyramid stud belts from Hot Topic and checkered slip-on Vans were staples in every emo kid’s closet. Even backpacks and fingerless gloves were covered in this two-toned alternating square pattern. You couldn’t walk down a middle school or high school hallway without seeing a glimps of this print, most likely on someone with jet-black hair and comb-over bangs.

Of course, checkered print isn’t just associated with late-2000s emo kids. It actually dates back to medieval times when it was used as a tool in accounting. Since then it has been adopted as a symbol for police in some countries, as a marker of the finishline in racing, and as a board design for checkers and chess. However, I most strongly associate this print with the emo kids of my youth and since I never went through an emo phase, I decided to use this challenge as an excuse to tap into a bit of that rebellious adolescence I missed out on. Here is my review:

CHALLENGE: Tap into your emo side and create a checkered makeup look. Not into the emo trend? Try adding elements of racing or chess to give this pattern a different meaning. Add your review below showing us what products you used. One winner will receive 100 Supercoins and everyone else will receive 20 for participation. Only one entry per person will be counted. You have until February 8th to enter.


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