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I Tried It: The Ultimate Glitter Nail Polish Removing Hack

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Few things in beauty are as infuriating as taking off glitter nail polish. The way glitter tears cotton rounds to shreds without even budging is enough to turn me into an enraged beast. At one point, I got so fed up with removing glitter nail polish, that I vowed to never apply it ever again. I gave away every bottle of shimmering shellac I owned and never looked back. That is, until my sister, who is a self-proclaimed nail expert, told me about a hack that puts all methods of glitter polish removal to shame.

This is by far, hands down the best beauty hack I have ever tested, and I’ve tested a lot. If you love wearing glitter nail polish, but hate taking it off, try this hack. It will change your life.

Color Street Wrap It Up Nail Strips

Instagram @colorstreet

What you’ll need:
* Small bowl
* Warm water
* Nail polish remover (100% acetone works best if your nails can handle it)
* Small plastic bag

How to do it:
1. Fill a small bowl with warm water.
2. Pour 1-2 Tbs of nail polish remover into a small plastic bag.
3. Insert your hand into the plastic bag so that your nails are submerged in the remover.
4. Lower your hand (still in the bag) into the bowl of warm water. The pressure from the water will help the nail polish remover hug your nail.
5. With your other hand, rub your nail from the outside of the bag. Feel free to use your nails to gently scrape off the glitter. If the glitter isn't scraping off easily, don't force it. Just let it soak 30 more seconds and try again.
6. Repeat with the other hand. Then wash your hands and moisturize to rehydrate your skin.

Now watch my review:

Love glitter nail polish, but hate taking it off? Try out this hack and leave a review below!


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