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If Brow Gels Don’t Work For You, Try These 3 Alternatives

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Brow gels are amazing for those with naturally great brows who just need a tint of color or those whose brow hairs obediently stay in place with a light and flexible hold, but the rest of us need something stronger. We need a brow product that will lift our brow hairs and keep them in place through category 5 hurricane winds. If there’s a brow gel that can do that, Savannah, Yrecema and I haven’t found it, but we have found some great alternatives for our stubborn brows. As you know, we aren’t ones to keep our beauty secrets to ourselves so keep reading to learn about the brow gel alternatives that give us fluffy brows all day long.

Here are 3 alternatives for brow gel that you can try:

1. The Hair Gel Method

My brows are like a weeping willow. My hairs are super long and they tend to droop down like the leafy tendrils of the tree. Because holding up my brow hairs means fighting gravity and the weight of each individual hair, I’ve found that I need a super stronghold. I’ve tried brow gels like Glossier’s Boy Brow, but they seem to deposit tint more than they hold and I don’t need tint. My hairs are very dark.

After months of watching people on TikTok comb hair gel through their brows, I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I picked up Got2b’s Spiking Glue Hair Gel from the travel size section at Target for about $3 and this little tube is going to last me forever. A lot of brow gels cost between $10 and $20 for way less product so hair gel is definitely the more cost-effective option. Plus, my brow hairs aren’t going anywhere! Hair gel is obviously meant for the hair on your scalp rather than your brows which is why it has such a stronghold. After the gel hardens and my brows are set in place, I just fill in the sparse spots with brow powder and go about my day knowing my brow hairs are staying right where I put them.

2. The Soap Brows Method

When I asked Savannah to share her brow gel woes and her perfect alternative, she went off! I’m talking six long messages in a row. She’s very passionate about this topic. As someone with very arched brows, the way her brow hairs fall matters, and droopy brows are a big pet peeve of hers. She equates it to taking a great photo but you're wearing an elastic around your wrist—it's ruined. “I’ve used Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel, e.l.f. brow gel, Glossier Boy Brow, and many others,” she says. “All they’ve ever done is give me tint, which of course, I appreciated but if I had to choose one or the other, I’d chose a clean shape over a more full color.”

She discovered Soap Brows after Supergreater Bound2Glo reviewed West Barn Co’s Soapbrow Kit. “Her brows just went straight up with one swipe and it looked incredible,” she says. “I brought myself the pack that comes with coconut mist and a spoolie and I never looked back.’ This was before the soap brow trend really took off and now there are so many imitations of this product, but Savannah swears by the original soap brow kit from West Barn Co. “I’ve had it for like a year and a half and I’m not even halfway through it, it’s going to last forever.”

3. The Mascara Primer Method

Meet our new design intern Yracema! You’ve already seen some of her gorgeous artwork on the Golde founder story, the Kinship reef safe and Ocean Waste Plastic story, and our Instagram! She is truly a woman of talent and as someone pursuing a career in design and aesthetics, she knows the importance of a well-groomed brow.

When Yracema told me she uses mascara primer instead of brow gel, I was skeptical of its effectiveness. Mascara primer is meant to coat lashes to thicken the diameter of each individual lash and prep them for mascara. I thought it couldn’t possibly hold brow hairs in place better than brow gel, but I watched her review and now I’m a believer. I forgot a good lash primer is also designed to hold a the curl of your lash and since brow hairs and lash hairs are so similar, it makes sense that this product has some staying power. "The consistency of mascara primer is thicker than brow gel," she says. "It also has lengthening fibers—both of which keep my eyebrows in place more so than any eyebrow gel that I’ve tried!"

Do you use a brow gel alternative? Let us know by adding your review below!


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