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All the Florence by Mills Products You Can Redeem This Week

by @vanzillascott
Aug 17, 2020


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Welcome to Florence by Mills week, Supergreat!

We're so excited to be bringing you daily rewards from none other than Millie Bobby Brown's beauty line, known for it's irresistible pastel purple packaging and it's ability to make your skin as dewy and soft as a cloud (probably the reason why the brand also sells a pink fluffy cloud makeup bag, which by the way, I NEED).

Starting today, 08/17 until Friday 08/21, we will be dropping different Florence by Mills products daily, ranging from skincare to makeup—so without further a-DEW (hehe) here's everything you have to look forward to this week. Hopefully those of you who have already scored her 16 Wishes Eyeshadow Palette will be able to complete your Florence by Mills collection, and take the adorable shelfie of your dreams!

Oh and if you're running out of coins and want to score these rewards, it's time to get reviewing. Let's get to it!

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills

MONDAY 08/17

That is, today! YAY! God I hate waiting for stuff, especially when that stuff is beauty products. Tonight's reward is the Tint N Tame Brow Gel in Clear. I know a lot of us haven't exactly been tending to our brows closely these days, so this clear gel will keep them in place no matter what your day brings.

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills


All That Shimmers Body Highlight Dust in Pink Crush is the perfect thing to amp up your makeup look—the skin on your face is highlighted, so why not spread the love to the rest of your bod? This body powder is talc-free and will make your arms, legs, collarbone (anything!) look like they're covered in diamond dust.

Be sure to tune into the live tomorrow with Whos.Katrina to see a magnificent demo of this product before you redeem.

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills


Stay up late last night? You need the Look Alive Eye Balm, which contains vitamin B12, snow mushroom (woah), malachite extract and a peptide blend. Snow mushroom is hydrating ingredient that also happens to have the coolest name ever. When I die I want to come back as a snow mushroom. Malachite detoxes congested skin, and peptides are chains of amino acids that build proteins including collagen, elastin and keratin.

Pro tip: put this product in the fridge, and the metal tip will also act as a cooling and de-puffing device when applied!

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills


Is your skin looking a little dull? The One Swipe Glow Wipe Treatment Pads will give it the boost it needs. Each wipe contains a blend of fruit enzymes, glycolic acid, and willow bark, which exfoliate the skin by helping it turn over dead skin cells. They also contain one of our favorite ingredients—witch hazel—which helps reduce breakouts.

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills

FRIDAY 08/21

Millie named these creamy blushes after her BFFs, and Glowing G is my favorite shade of all. It's a really pretty dusty rose that you can apply anywhere to give you that I-just-worked-out look. The secret ingredient is kaolin clay, which absorbs oil so the color stays put, no matter how oily your skin is. I dab a little on my cheeks, lips, and the tip of my nose to look a little flushed.

Instagram @florencebymills

Instagram @florencebymills


That's right! There will be not one, but TWO drops this Friday. The Dreamy Dew Moisturizer is super light and absorbs into the skin nicely, leaving it feeling bouncy and plump. It contains two kinds of lotus flower extracts (fancy shmancy), vitamin B12 to calm skin and willow bark, which helps skin's regeneration. It's synthetic fragrance free, but does have a smell—if you prefer scentless moisturizers, this might not be for you. Luckily, you have tons of exciting options to choose from all week.

Make sure you tune into the live on Friday to watch a surprise guest demo both Florence by Mills products. You won't want to miss it!

I rounded up some of my favorite Florence by Mills reviews below. Have you tried anything from Millie Bobby Brown's line? Add your review below!

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