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5 Supergreaters Test Sweet Chef, Including the New Oat Milk Latte Cleanser & Turmeric Eye Cream!

by @vanzillascott
Jul 07, 2020


Most of you are familiar with Sweet Chef by now, the superfood-jacked little sister of K-beauty favorite Glow Recipe. Both are darlings on Supergreat, and our community has shown their love for them the best way they know how; by redeeming the shit out of their products (until they sell out within minutes), and reviewing them carefully and honestly. We've seen your reviews, and the way you all feel about Sweet Chef is pretty much unanimous; their products are great (dare we say, super great).

To honor our love of Sweet Chef, this week was entirely dedicated to them. We offered you an entire skincare routine, from their Superfoods + Vitamins Moisturizer, to their Sugarcane Lip Sleeping Mask, and tonight you will all have the chance to redeem their brand new Oat Milk Latte Cleanser and Turmeric + Vitamin C Eye Cream.

Ahead of tonight's reward drop, we asked 5 amazing Supergreaters to give us their thoughts on Sweet Chef's new lineup, and share their favorite products by the brand so far. Go ahead and give them all a follow—you don't want to miss these SG'ers reviews.


Superfood + Vitamins Moisture Boost:

"I like the light, whipped consistency of this. It's great that very little product goes a long way and with my 1st impression my skin fully absorbed it! It looked and felt very hydrated without feeling heavy or greasy. The smell is light, earthy, and barely noticeable which I prefer. I used it at night after washing with the Oak Milk Cleanser, Ginger Serum, and Turmeric Eye Cream. My skin looked so glowy I couldn't stop staring!"

Ginger Serum:

"For my 1st impression, I didn't love how this felt somewhat sticky on my skin to touch but that's not too concerning for me. Because it's a brightening serum I'll continue using it to address my overall unevenness and my newer blemishes. I like the applicator as well and realized one full dropper amount was all I needed."

Turmeric Eye Cream:

"Very little goes a long way with this as well. It's one of those products I need to continue using to see how it does over time. I will say, my under eye area was glowing and I used the Ginger Serum plus Moisture Boost after cleansing with the Oak Cleanser. Because there's no SPF in it, I'll most likely use this as a night cream or to mix with other skincare boosters."

Oat Milk Cleanser:

"Whoa, this thing cleans very well! I was a bit surprised to see the consistency because I predicted this would have a "milky" type texture. My 1st impression is it's very clarifying and is probably best for deep cleaning especially after wearing makeup. I have oily-combination skin and it stripped everything! So I probably wouldn't recommend this for dry skin types unless it's used sparingly. I'll probably switch it up and use this every other day. And for now, this will be my go-to cleanser especially after wearing makeup!"

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Oat Milk Latte Cleanser:

"The cleanser smells amazing (although tastes really bad which I discovered because for some reason I wash my face with my mouth half open, with this cleanser you cant do that) but besides that, I love how gentle it yes, yet it still foams pretty well. Its not stripping whatsoever so you fell like your face is clean without it being squeaky, which I feel is what everyone wants in a cleanser. I have a really bad acne situation in one side of my cheek which I'm tacking with AHA and BHA and this cleanser, which has an amazing price point, works perfectly well with any skincare routine."

Ginger + Vitamins C Serum:

"It's great for anyone that wants to get their feet wet on vitamin c without having to read a whole book on skincare and reactions."

Turmeric Eye Cream:

"The eye cream, its so so rich, I wish my bank statements would match. I love that it has turmeric since it tackles coloration and dark circles in an easy way, sans staining my pajamas with natural turmeric powder."

Sugarcane Lip Sleeping Mask:

"With the lip mask, I think a great comparison would be the Laneige Lip mask, except this one doesn't has scent, and its less of a film-y feeling, I wake up with my lips moisturized and void of any dead skin cells without feeling like I have grease or butter on them, plus a little bit truly goes a long way. At first I wished it had some scent, but its great for people that have sensitive lips and fragrance sometimes makes people get this weird pimples and bumps around your mouth."

Oat Milk Latte Cleanser:

"I'd say it's a great gentle cleanser which will do its job while leaving your skin plump in the process. No need to use more hyaluronic acid in your routine since too much hyaluronic acid in your skincare can be counter productive. Great for sensitive skin or if you have any redness issues, the coffee and Vitamin B12 will be your best friend, however remember to CLOSE YOUR MOUTH while cleansing. You're welcome!"

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"Honestly, all of it is gonna be working it’s way into my skincare routine, but my holy grails are definitely the eye cream and the cleanser. Their formulas are beautiful and they have such wonderful textures that I have been reaching for them regularly."

Oat Milk Latte Cleanser:

"My favorite product has to be the oat milk latte cleanser due to its hydrating gel base. All of the emollient ingredients mixed with gentle surfactants makes it perfect for a gentle deep cleanse. I also love that it has relatively no scent and foams gently."

Turmeric Eye Cream:

"I also love the turmeric eye cream for it’s texture as well as the brightening effect it gives to the under eye with the turmeric extract in it."

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"The clean packaging with all the food imagery on it is really appealing. I love that they’ve incorporated recipes to make their products work in different and customized ways such as adding various serum shots for desired skincare results. All of the products have great pricing for their performance and could easily be a drug store favorite for many people, especially as it’s a sister company to Glow Recipe."

Superfood + Vitamins Moisture Boost & Vitamin C Serum Shot:

"I personally love the Oat Milk Cleanser, Superfood + Vitamins Moisture Boost, and Ginger + Vitamin C Serum Shot. They’re product categories that I already currently use in my skincare routine unlike some of the others that I don’t normally gravitate to such as the lip sleeping mask or beauty oil. The cleanser, moisturizer, and serum, all felt light and clean when using them—having natural beneficial ingredients that I recognize was a plus! The combination of the serum shot and moisture boost moisturizer particularly stand out as great products to use for maintaining my skincare on regular days where it isn’t misbehaving and doesn’t require a lot of attention."

Oat Milk Latte Cleanser:

"The oat milk cleanser has a nice gel texture that foams up moderately, which I enjoy. There is little to no scent and the packaging is simple- both things I appreciate in a no fuss cleanser. It was able to remove my minimal makeup looks that I wear on an average day without a lot of work. The Oat Milk cleanser has already been added into rotation for how gentle and efficient it is for daily use."

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Sugarcane Lip Sleeping Mask:

"The lip mask has no flavor and barely any scent—it’s perfect. It’s also very light—no “gooping” at all!"

Oat Milk Latte Cleanser:

"It’s so gentle! I also love that they recommend not completely drying your face afterward so that the hyaluronic acid continues to hydrate your skin."

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What products do you love from Sweet Chef? Add your review!

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