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Abigail wearing an anime tears makeup look with a teary eyed background

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I Tried the Crying Makeup Trend 3 Different Ways + Challenge!

by @abigailrena
Jul 27, 2020


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This editorial goes out to all my fellow cry babies. The past few months have been emotionally draining and full of uncertainty. You’ve probably cried at least once, or if you’re like me, once a week for the past four months (🙃). It’s hard to stay positive and happy when you can’t go outside, can’t see your friends, and can’t live a normal life. Luckily, crying usually makes you feel better. It releases oxytocin and endorphins (two of the “happy hormones”), which is why a good cry feels so therapeutic.

Many of our Supergreaters have also told us that they found makeup to be very therapeutic. I couldn’t agree more. Nowadays, makeup is a form of art and art is a form of expression. It is a meditative practice that can help you sort through your feelings. I’ve noticed on the days I do my makeup, I feel a lot better than the days I don’t and it has nothing to do with the way I look (okay, maybe a little), but the process of creation, which centers me.

Since both crying and makeup are great stress relievers, I decided to combine them by testing out three crying makeup looks. Keep reading to learn how I created each look and how each one made me feel at the end. Then try this trend out for yourself to get those “happy hormones” flowing! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

1. Anime Tears

A few months ago, my beauty crush, Mi-Anne Chan, posted a teary-eyed makeup look on her Instagram inspired by Sailor Moon’s constant stream of tears and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Anime girls are notorious for being big cry babies so I knew this was the first tear style I had to try. Instead of drawing blue wavy lines from my pupil to my chin like Mi-Anne, I decided to go for a gentler, slightly more realistic crying makeup look. This is probably my favorite of the three. I wish my tears fell down my cheeks like this.

2. Glitter Tears

I thought glitter tears would make me look like a glamorously robed woman who just found out her rich husband was mysteriously murdered, but I ended up looking like a college student who partied too hard, cried about her ex, and then spent the night throwing up in the toilet. This look gave me Tik Tok (the song, not the app) Kesha vibes, but I’m not mad about it. Even though the glitter and eyelash glue made my cheeks itch, I didn’t want to take this makeup off. If you try this look, please use cosmetic glitter and not craft glitter. I’m lucky I didn’t get any of this in my eye. Otherwise, I'd really be crying.

3. Pop Art Tears

In 1963, Roy Lichtenstein painted his first Crying Girl in the pop art comic book style to depict the pressure women felt during the ‘50s and ‘60s to act and look a certain way. A year later, he created his second Crying Girl piece and since then many other artists have been inspired to draw tearful women in this art style. His work is so iconic, I just had to recreate it on my face and it was probably the most cathartic look of the three. Not only did it take the most time to complete, but the emotion it depicted felt more dramatic and real. The other looks were more of a pretty cry, and I’m sorry, but if you don’t look like a blubbering blob fish while crying then you aren’t crying hard enough.

Are you looking to let out your sadness and frustration? Let it flow by trying out the crying makeup trend for yourself. Add your review below before August 5th and receive 15 Supercoins!

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