Esthetician Lakeisha Dale after an at-home facial


Lakeisha Dale's At-Home Facial Tutorial

by @vanzillascott
Jul 24, 2020


Welcome to SuperSkills, a tutorial series with beauty professionals. We decided to launch this series to support the freelance beauty community during COVID-19, whose careers have completely stalled due to social distancing orders. To help out as many people as possible, we will be hiring hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and estheticians for virtual gigs, where they will teach our community some of their valuable skills. Follow this tutorial and post a review of the finished product for a chance to win 100 Supercoins. Talk about your favorite part of Lakeisha's at-home facial, and what you learned. Everyone who participates will be given 15 coins, and Lakeisha will pick the winner after 07/31. Good luck and have fun!

Instagram: @MelaSkinstudio

About Lakeisha: "I am a makeup artist turned licensed esthetician, content creator and the owner of Melaskin Studio.

My career in beauty started with makeup. I have always loved, and still do, the creativity of makeup artistry as a way of self expression or story telling. Years freelancing in NYC eventually led me down the path of skin wellness and what that means for myself as an individual, but also for the men and women who look like me. Becoming a licensed esthetician has changed my life. I didn't see it at first, but now I see what my instructors in school saw in me while I was getting my education. I've been a practicing esthetician since 2017 and I love every minute of it."

Why she chose this look: "I chose this routine because it's effective, easy to follow and great for most skin types and conditions. Plus you really feel as though you got a pro treatment, just in the comfort of your own home. Your skin will feel smoother, brighter and hydrated. The other cool thing about this tutorial is that you can apply the same steps using some of the products you already have at home."

Add your challenge entry below! Any part of the routine will do, or better yet, show us that final glow after following every step. Everyone who participates will be given 15 coins, plus Lakeisha will pick one winner after 07/31 who will get 100 coins!

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