For the past three months, most people have been fussing over their skin and the affects of COVID-19's face mask protection sanctions. And aside from our quarantine home dye-jobs and grown-out hairstyles, one thing our hair could always benefit from is the occasional conditioning treatment, that can at least smooth those split-ends and frazzled layers, before we can all get those refreshed at the salon.

One thing about summer is that once that humidity hits, my head is like...30% puffier. Personally, a hair mask does WONDERS for smoothing out my normally coarse, thick, humidity-activated hair. It almost makes it look as polished as a post-trim blow-out (almost).

Everyone has different hair types and therefore different hair thirsts, so I can say that when I was fully platinum blonde, my bleach-ravaged hair looked resurrected anew whenever I used Davines's Nourishing Hair Building Pak. When I ran out (it was expensive) I found solace in Shea Moisture's Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque.

But, you know, not everyone's decided to chemically strip all pigment from their hair as I have (smart cookies). So for all the hair types out there, here are some of our favorite hair mask reviews — including a clever mask combo and an effective toning mask for blondes.

What are your favorite hair masks? Post your reviews!