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Turns Out We All Have the Same 4 Favorite Lip & Cheek Products

by @vanzillascott
May 26, 2020


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Two weeks ago, it rained lip and cheek rewards—specifically three shades of Undone Beauty's Lip + Cheek tint that has quickly become a favorite on the app.

For those of you who haven't yet redeemed it, this creamy lip and cheek tint leaves you looking flushed and dewy. Watch Jena Spano, an in-house makeup artist for Undone Beauty, demo how she uses it below.

Lip and cheek products put powder blush to shame, for obvious reasons. I have incredibly dry skin so I'm biased, but I still don't know why anyone would ever want a matte finish over a dewy one. Creamy blush that leaves your skin looking dewy adds to the flushed, healthy and slightly sweaty look you're trying to achieve with blush in the first place. My favorite is Milk Makeup's Lip + Cheek in Werk, and I've been using it for years (I'm not even going to lie to you guys it's been the same stick I first purchased, it's probably expired but it still performs well so I can't just abandon it!!?).

When I asked some SG staff about their favorites, the same 4 products kept popping up...only two had been rewards in the past, and as people who try a lot of products, I thought that was pretty significant. Here are the 4 best lip and cheek products, according to our staff—fight us by adding your review below.

1. Bite Beauty Multistick

Czarina, Graphic Designer:

"I really like Bite Beauty's Multistick in Almond! OMG wtf I can't find it on their website anymore...did they discontinue it??????? (editor's note: they did) It was my favorite though.

It's just a warm brown that has a bit of red to it. I feel like a lot of nude brown colors are that kind of mauve-y pink, especially ones that are meant to go on your cheek and eyes as well, but this one had a brick tone to it that was really nice and suited my lips more."

Abi, Writer:

"I like using Bite's Multistick. It blends beautifully into my cheek for a monochromatic look and It's really hydrating."

2. Undone Beauty Lip to Cheek 3-in-1 Cream Palette

Anthoni, Brand Partnerships:

"I love Undone Beauty in berry! I love that it has three formulas in one because I can make my lips pop and then match my cheeks without over-doing it."

Eliza, Head of Community

I use the Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek Tint, in Quickie a lot, but I also love Undone Beauty's in Blazen, the redder one. Let me look in my makeup pile...I also use lipstick as blush sometimes, my mom did that when I was little, it's like an old lady trick."

3. Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek:

This one is my personal favorite, but I've also grown to love RMS Beauty's Signature Set, a small palette that includes highlighter and a few lip2cheek shades. More on that later.

4. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek:

Nataliya, Engineer:

"I like RMs Beauty Lip2cheek. In general I love that RMS is cruelty free and uses safe and non irritating ingredients. It's lightweight and gives my cheeks a really nice's like a highlighter and blush in one, and I don't like very pigmented lip colors usually and this is just a light stain on the lips which is nice."

Tell us about your favorite lip and cheek product! Add your review below.

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