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Narina Chan's Cloudy Nails Tutorial

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Welcome to SuperSkills, a tutorial series with beauty professionals. We decided to launch this series to support the freelance beauty community during COVID-19, whose careers have completely stalled due to social distancing orders. To help out as many people as possible, we will be hiring hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and estheticians for virtual gigs, where they will teach our community some of their valuable skills. Follow this tutorial and post a review of the finished product for a chance to win 200 Supercoins. Everyone who participates will be given 15 coins. Winner will be decided on 04/14. Good luck and have fun!

Instagram: @narinanails

About Narina: Narina Chan is a skilled manicurist who can do it all; two inch nails with intricate Animal Crossing characters and Power Puff Girls, Keith Haring prints, pastel gradients, floral arrangements, stars, hearts, pizza, Pikachu, Tokyo Ghoul—I could go on and on. She's the owner of Lucia Nails in New York City and works at Kanako Salon, and she has more editorial work under her belt than I can fit in one sentence, including working with icons Milla Jovovich, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, (aka. Ugly Worldwide), Bambi Northwood-Blyth, and Hilary Rhoda. You can book an appointment with Narina here, once things return to normalcy.

Why she chose this look: "Because it’s super cute and fun, and I want all of us to continue to dream even under these strange times, and we will all get through this together."

Nail Polish, Aero
140 Blackest Black

Tune in to our Instagram Live tonight and watch us recreate this look, at 6PM EST. 😜Follow along and you could win 200 Supercoins!

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