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Mona Marie's Cut Crease Tutorial

by @vanzillascott
Apr 24, 2020


Welcome to SuperSkills, a tutorial series with beauty professionals. We decided to launch this series to support the freelance beauty community during COVID-19, whose careers have completely stalled due to social distancing orders. We will be hiring hair stylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and estheticians for virtual gigs, where they will teach our community some of their valuable skills. Follow this tutorial and post a review of the finished product for a chance to win 200 Supercoins. Everyone who participates will be given 15 coins, and Mona Marie will pick the winner after 04/28. Good luck and have fun!

Instagram: @beautybymonamarie

About Mona Marie: This Supergreat community member has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2010—she does both hair and makeup, and even recently successfully cut her bangs and trimmed her hair in quarantine.

Why she chose this look: "I wanted to create a vibrant, crisp cut crease with bright pink (my little girl’s favorite color) and a touch of glitter. A little sparkle with a radiant base gives me all the Spring feels! Taking the time to create a structured cut crease is like therapy for me—it's much needed one-on-one time with myself. The challenges involve precision, placement, and clean, crisp lines. Working on clients with various eye shapes and sizes all have to be approached differently to get the full effect of look. I first learned the cut crease technique in 2008– back then, it was purely precision with small detailing brushes and LOTS of blending—the concealer method that’s now widely used is an incredibly genius shortcut!"

Tune in to our Instagram Live with Mona Marie, today 04/24 at 4PM EST, when you can ask her anything and get some tips and tricks for your look. 😜

Add your challenge entry below! Winner will be selected after 04/28.

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