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Dermaflash's Dermapore Removes My Blackheads Better than Any Pore Strip

by @abigailrena
Mar 03, 2020


Last week I wrote an article about ASMR skincare, where I made a series of GRWM ASMR reviews and encouraged you all to do the same. To my delight you loved them, but one review in particular got a lot more views and comments than the others. Here it is:

The review begins with SG’s editor Savannah, munching on a handful of peanuts while staring directly into the camera (chills). Then it abruptly cuts to me holding a pink spatula-like device. In a whisper, I explain that this weird beauty tool is Dermaflash’s Dermapore Pore Extractor and Serum Infuser. It uses a gentle electric pulse to push gunk out of pores. Then I turn it on and a steady hum takes over while I run the device over the crevices of my nose. Unfortunately, I forgot to show you all the gunk that came out of my skin, but nonetheless, you were intrigued—so now I’m here to tell you why I'll never go back to pore strips after using this $100 device.

What is Dermapore?

Dermapore is a two-in-one ultrasonic device from Dermaflash. A steady stream of sound wave vibrations extract oil, dirt, and dead skin cells out of pores and a pulsating stream of the same vibrations infuse skincare oils, serums, and moisturizers into the skin for a clean, glowing complexion.

Is Dermapore safe?

In short, yes. Ultrasonic vibration devices have been used by facialists for decades. However, there are always risks associated with using spa-quality tools at home, so if you value your skin and don't want to risk making it worse, seek a professional for extractions and infusions. But if you're like me and you don't have the time or the money to see a dermatologist or facialist every two weeks, this device is a holy grail (as long as you use it correctly).

How does extraction mode work?

Extraction mode uses a steady ultrasonic vibration to push water into pores and pull impurities out. Before you even touch your Dermapore device, you need to clean your face (maybe even a double cleanse). If your face isn't completely clean before you begin extracting, you risk pushing dirt, excess oil, and makeup into your pores, which will lead to more blackheads, not less. After your face is squeeky clean, don't dry your face. I repeat, do NOT dry your face. Water is an essential part of the extraction process. It acts as a lubricant between the spatula and your skin for easy gliding and the ultrasonic waves push the water into your pores to flush out impurities.

Press the button one time until you hear a steady buzz coming from the device then flip it so the spatula curves toward your face. Begin on the outside of your face and move toward the center slowly, applying medium pressure. Once you have gone over your entire face, press the button two times to turn it off and admire in horror the oil, dirt, and dead skin sludge pile that accumulated on the edge of your spatula. Use a tissue to wipe away the pore-endous mess and clean it with alcohol or soap and water before moving on to infusion mode. Cleaning is essential. Do not skip this step or your skin will pay the price!

How does infusion mode work?

Infusion mode uses pulsating ultrasonic vibrations to push the active ingredients in your skincare products deep into the skin. Before activating infusion mode, apply your serum, face oil, or moisturizer to your skin. You don't need a water in this mode. Your skincare products will act as a lubricant between your skin and the spatula instead. Flip your Dermapore so the spatual curves away from your face and press the button two times until you hear a pulsating buzz. Once again, you want to begin on the outside of your face and slowly move in. After you have gone over your entire face, press the button one time to turn the device off. Clean the spatula a second time using alcohol or soap and water so it's already clean the next time you want to use it.

Final thoughts:

Obviously, this tool is on the pricey side (about $100), but it you have the cash, it's so worth it. I have been using this device monthly for about a year now and I haven't experienced any negative side effects. I definitely use extraction mode more than infusion mode. Seeing the accumulation of gunk at the end of the spatula after using extraction mode proves to me that it works but I don't necessarily have the same proof that infusion mode works. My skin could be improving because the Dermapore pushes the serum deeper into my skin or it could be improving from the serum alone. Either way, I highly recommend this product. The extraction feature alone makes it the Supergrail of holy grails.

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