Desperate times call for desperate measures. What do you do when you run out of your favorite face mask and you can’t go to the store to pick up a new one? You DIY it using common household kitchen ingredients. You’ve probably seen plenty of DIY mask recipes calling for ingredients like yogurt, eggs, honey, and sugar, but what about mustard and margarine? It may sound crazy. You may be thinking, “What benefit could mustard possibly have for my skin and won’t margarine clog my pores?” We thought that too until we tried it. Now we can’t get enough and we’re whipping up this yellow mask every day along with our lunch. This isn’t a secret we want to keep to ourselves so we’re sharing it with you so we can all emerge from quarantine with glowing, exfoliated, and hydrated skin, ready to soak up the sun’s vitamin D!

Mustard's Skincare Benefits

You probably don’t think much about the ingredients in this classic yellow condiment as you drizzle it over hotdogs, smear it on hamburgers, and mix it into potato salad, but it is packed full of skin-healthy benefits. The main ingredient, mustard seeds, contains vitamin A, which can help speed up healing and fight breakouts. Mustard seeds are also rich in vitamin C, which we all know is an important ingredient in evening skin tone and brightening skin. Besides mustard seeds, this spicy yellow paste is made from vinegar, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties to help kill acne-causing bacteria. So next time you get a pimple, maybe try putting mustard on it instead of your normal acne treatment.

Margarine's Skincare Benefits

It’s been proven time and time again, that face oils are actually good for oily skin. They help keep the skin moisturized so it does not produce its own oil in excess, which can often lead to clogged pores. That is why margarine is a miracle ingredient in this mask. Margarine is made from about 80 percent vegetable oil, which is not only moisturizing but also healing with a high concentration of vitamin E. Of course, if you don’t have margarine, butter is the next best thing. While consuming butter isn’t great for the skin because consuming milk can cause hormonal acne, slathering it on your face does wonders! Milk is full of vitamins, calcium, and dairy protein, which can help skin health, cell regeneration, and mineral absorption. So skip your moisturizer and oil your face with margarine or butter instead.

What you'll need

To make this mask you’ll need:
* 1 Tbsp margarine or butter
* 1 Tbsp your choice of mustard

Optional ingredients:
* 1 tsp coffee grounds for physical exfoliation
* ½ tsp lemon juice for an acid peel

How to make it

In a small bowl, microwave margarine or butter until melted. Add your choice of mustard and mix together until well blended. Mix in other optional ingredients and allow the mask to cool for about 5 to 10 minutes until the mask is at room temperature. Use a spatula or your fingers to smooth the mask over your face. Avoid your mouth and eyes. Allow the mask to sink into your skin for 10 minutes before removing it with warm water and a washcloth.


We are truly praying that you all got to this point in the story. Please do not make this mask. We have no idea what mustard will do to your skin, but butter and margarine will almost certainly clog your pores. We made up this mask, all the benefits are false, and we only applied it to make reviews for this article, after which we immediately removed it and washed our faces thoroughly. That’s right. We risked our skin health for the sake of a prank, but we do not recommend you do the same. Bella Thorne might love a mask like this, but derms will tell you to never listen to us ever again.

Instead, try these masks made from food by skincare chemists who know what they’re doing:

Yesna Pumpkin Turmeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask

Pumpkin and turmeric aren’t the only superfoods in this Yensa mask. It’s infused with 8 orange ingredients including collagen-boosting pumpkin, skin smoothing turmeric, skin tone evening ginger, discoloration helping papaya, and skin-brightening grapefruit as well as carrot, honey, and orange essence. Our Supergreat community loves how soft and glowy their skin was after using this $45 mask. Plus it smells like pumpkin pie!

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Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

If you didn’t believe in magic before, you will after giving your skin a dose of Farmacy’s Honey Potion. This $38 mask looks like a jar of honey, but once you begin spreading it over your skin, it starts to change from a yellow gel to a white cream. Plus our Supergreaters were amazed at the mask’s ability to heat up on the skin, allowing the hydrating honey and antioxidants in the mask to penetrate the skin even deeper than most room temperature masks.

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Lush Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask

Sometimes drinking coffee isn’t enough. Lush’s Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask wakes up your skin on days when your eyes are threatening to shut. Coffee stimulates the skin in this $23 mask while vanilla adds moisture and kaolin cleanses. Use it in the shower so you can apply it to your body and easily wash it away. Our Supergreat community loves the scent. If you find yourself at Starbucks 10 times a day, you’ll love this mask.

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Now that we tricked you with our fake DIY mask and then offered you some real ones that won’t ruin your skin, we want to know what food infused masks you love. Share your review below.