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Perhaps all this furious hand-washing may be helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (yay!) but it's also doing a number on our poor cuticles and digits. My knuckles are positively chapped right now, I tell ya.

The obvious first responder? Hand cream, duh. But relying on hand cream in a touchscreen world, means that things will get greasy fast. Which ones can soothe our rough hands while not smudging up our phones and tablets? Sometimes you can't have it both ways. But that's why there's screen-cleaner ;)

This obviously brought us to Supergreat's hand cream reviews to find which ones are really doing it for you and we were not disappointed! My personal fave is Skinfix's Hand Repair Cream. It's thicc as hell and it fills all those craggly bits in your hands without making them all shiny and slippery. It's a little steep in terms of what you're willing to pay for hand lube, but oh my does she work.

Anyway, here are some of the best hand cream reviews on Supergreat that demystifies some of the nicest luxury hand creams as well as some drugstore hits and ones that are so cute it doesn't even matter that they work (but they do).

Which hand creams are doing it for you in these very washy times?

Intensive Hand Cream Persian Rose & Argan Extract
La Creme Main
Venus 3 Palette


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