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How to Enhance Your Lips

by @sabletoothtigre
Mar 22, 2020


We can't all be Kylie Jenner and afford lip filler, but this is where makeup and some creativity comes in. Enhancing your lips can be as simple as wearing a bold lip color, but if you want to be an artiste, a little clever application can make your lips look a little plumper and enhanced. There's more than one way to do this so you can choose your fighter (or based on how ambitious you're feeling, the amount of products you care to use).

Here's how you can enhance your lips:

1. Overlining Your Lips

Take any lip liner of your choice and draw on the very edge of your lips (or outline your lip's edges if you want even more of an effect). Blurring it out with your finger and bit of lip balm (or just dry if you prefer a matte finish) makes the line less harsh and more hazy so it doesn't look like you've obviously overlined your lips. ;)

2. Blurred Lip Colors

This whole blurred lip stain look is becoming quite popular, making brands release products with that given effect in the formula. It's a wonderful thing. This is a Chanel one, but if that's too pricey, I do love ColourPop's Blur Lux Lipstick, and Glossier's Gen G Lipstick, also.

These do the work for you, and all you have to do is decide how much you want to apply. I take it over my lip's edge and again, blur with my finger for added haze and optimal dreaminess.

Also, you can just do this with regular lipstick too, as you can see here:
Show everyone your lip-enhancing tricks! Does anyone use those "lip plumping" tools and products? I remember trying this apple-shaped one that was basically a suction cup and it gave everyone a circular hickey around their mouth. Uhh, maybe don't do that.

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