before and after the visine pimple trick

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I Tried the Visine Pimple Trick

by @vanzillascott
Mar 19, 2020


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Hello from quarantine! This is my new way of greeting people because this pandemic is giving me such terrible anxiety that I'm desperate to make light whenever I can.

Wherever you guys are out there, wash your hands, try and not touch your face, and reduce your exposure to others as to not contribute to community spread. Yes, I do the realize the irony that I'm touching my face in this article's title image. If any of you have tips for the SG community for how to stop touching your face, please share them in a review! I haven't stopped at all, despite my best efforts (the anxiety isn't helping). I'm looking forward to watching how creative your reviews get during isolation—now's the time to practice your makeup skills and get weird. In January, I changed my Supergreat bio to "2020 will be the year I learn how to blend," and it's starting to look like that's true.

While I'm at home, I decided to test a skincare myth that I've always wondered about. I have a post-it note on my desk at the office (that I already miss) that says "Visine trick?" and I finally found myself with time, a pimple on the bridge of my nose, and a bottle of Visine Redness Relief—it was fate. The Visine trick is really simple; put some on your pimple and it will reduce redness, just like it does with the white of your eyes.


Why it works

It's simple; Visine shrinks blood vessels in your eyes, so it does the same thing to your skin, reducing the redness of pimples.

How to do it

Soak a cotton pad or Q-tip with Visine and hold it on your pimple for 30 seconds. You'll watch redness disappear within a few minutes, and although it doesn't last forever, I wrote this about 2 hours after trying the experiment and it's still less red than before.

My thoughts

This pimple is small and nonthreatning, but it was much worse a few days ago. Now I'm in recovery, but that's the most annoying part of the pimple's life cycle; when you've gotten through it but it...lingers (and then, if you pick at your skin like I do, eventually turns into a scar).

It's a lot more striking in person, but I watched the redness disappear until the pimple was almost completely invisible. My roommates (who were present for this because all 3 of us are working from home in an 800 square foot apartment) also agreed that the pimple had disappeared. These images are free of filters, so enjoy my absolutely bare WFH face!


15 Minutes after applying Visine

15 Minutes after applying Visine

I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Have any of you every tried the Visine pimple trick? Did it work for you? Comment on my review and let me know if you try it!