All you Glossier-heads out there are about to lose your shit because today, Glossier is launching its newest makeup item: a sheer, matte liquid eyeshadow, called Skywash. (Continuing with the atmopheric names, I see.)

Given Glossier Skywash's sheer, watercolor-like finish, and dreamily diffused shades, it makes sense that this newbie was an OG Glossier launch (as opposed to Glossier PLAY) as something to go along well with your Lash Slicks, your Boy Brows, and your Cloud Paints. Anytime Glossier dabbles in matte textures it confuses me because the strength of the brand is all about being dewy, damp, wet, sheeny, gleamy — you get it. We want to look humidly hot. It's called GLOSSier, not EGG SHELL FINISHier or MATTEier. Sorry, rant over.

Anyway. These eyeshadows!

There Are Seven "Southwest-Inspired" Glossier Skywash Liquid Eyeshadow Colors

  • Lawn is a fresh green
  • Pool is a cornflower blue
  • Pebble is a neutral taupe
  • Valley is a warm peach
  • Terra is a burnt sienna
  • Echo is a cocoa brown
  • Palm is a golden beige

My Glossier Skywash Liquid Eyeshadow Review

Glossier's liquid eyeshadow formula is a buildable, longwear, liquid-to-powder shadow that you can sweep on with the doe-foot applicator and then tap and blend with your finger or a fluffy eyeshadow brush (I tried both). My immediate thought was that these reminded me of Giorgio Armani's Liquid Eyeshadow Eye Tints, an Into The Gloss favorite. They both have similar formulas, with a silky liquid that comes in a tube with a doe foot application (though you should note that Armani changed its packaging/formula as recently as last year). Skywash, however is $18 for 3.5 mL, and the Armani Eye Tints are $30 for 3.9 mL.

My skintone is on the warm medium-tan tonal range so some nudes make me look a bit ill and jaundiced. This ruled out the majority of the paler shades, tbh, but Terra and Echo are my faves. I love anything chartreuse and that mod 60s pale blue, so I was determined to make the shades Pool and Lawn work for me but alas, things got tricky.

As you can see, things did not end well for me. This is me attempting to make Glossier's liquid eyeshadow in the shade Lawn work for me. Annoying, because the campaign images of these shades are SO lovely. Then again, they have a professional makeup artist doing the makeup on MODELS and I am a plebe with shaky fingers. Alas.

See? They look like gorgeous movie stars. I look like I have an eye condition. I think prepping with a primer beforehand could possibly work but seeing as most of Glossier's products tend to follow a kind of dab-on-and-go ethos, that seems more high maintenance than intended, perhaps. (Also, that model is obviously much darker skin-toned than I am so that could be the ticket.)

Anyway. Let's move on to things that I DO look good in. Like the shades Terra and Echo.

This is the shade Echo. I dabbed it on my eyelid with the doefoot applicator and then blended with a makeup brush, building up a second layer and blending it closer to the lash line. Pretty! It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. I'm betting this would potentially even be an eyeshadow primer itself, if you wanted to layer something special on top (glitter? shimmer? stickers?).

Next, I slapped on the shade Terra and blended with my fingers. You will definitely get more pigment if you blend with your fingers, as opposed to a makeup brush, but depending on what finish you want, you can choose your own adventure.

I love this rusty color. I love how it's a high-impact color with a minimalist execution — like I'm not trying hard but also here I am and I am gorgeous (which is the whole Glossier vibe, is it not?).

The Verdict: Glossier Skywash Liquid Eyeshadow vs Glossier Lid Star

I do like these better than Glossier's first eyelid-focused product, Lid Star (the shimmery eye tint counterpart to Skywash). One big difference is that Skywash didn't budge or crease all day, and Lid Star did crease on me. Lid Star does seem to fall in line with the Glossier aesthetic more and I wish it had a bronze shade, which would be right in line with my personal aesthetic, but now we have Skywash — an entirely new eyelid aesthetic.

Skywash offers a more playful eye makeup look, I think. It's a bit more arty, more modern, and more editorial, less traditionally "pretty" (compared to Lid Star, I mean). All in all, Skywash is a launch that harkens back to Glossier's "cool girl" beginnings in a way that doesn't leverage having genetically blessed perfect skin; it gives the no-makeup makeup crowd a product with which they can dip their collective toe into the world of colorful cosmetics, and it gives makeup enthusiasts something fresh and a little unexpected: a subtle way to wear color that comes to life once it's on you.

Have you tried Glossier Skywash liquid eyeshadow? Tell us what you think and add your review below.