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Savannah in e-girl makeup inspired by Doja Cat

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I Followed Doja Cat's Guide to E-Girl Makeup

by @vanzillascott
Feb 20, 2020


While artist Doja Cat first made her viral debut dressed as a cow, and more recently had a single featured in the film Birds of Prey, she's also been making a name for herself in beauty. The California native has also become known for her signature e-girl makeup look, which she describes in a December 2019 Vogue Beauty Secrets video as her "sickly look where I look like I just woke up, blew my nose and I have pneumonia."

Although she's far from the first to pull off this style, I wanted to try and follow her tutorial because a) it's cute and b) the order was intriguing (eyeshadow as the very last step?!). I should say that I didn't follow her skincare routine, because she claims to exfoliate twice a day (you should only exfoliate between 2-3 times a week) and follows up every exfoliation with an acid exfoliator (again, too much exfoliation). With my sensitive and dermatitis-prone skin, that kind of routine would put me out for weeks.

I started by doing my own skincare routine and then applying primer on my face and eyelids. The only part of the makeup portion of this tutorial that I didn't do is put blush on my lips (I thought there was no point because she washes it off after anyway), and fill in my eyebrows with pomade—I used a brown brow gel instead.

I couldn't have done this without the help of @helloyna (you know, the one who makes your SG stickers and all of our artwork 😍) because she can draw a wing like no one else. I couldn't risk messing up the entire look with a crooked wing or an eyelid covered in lash glue, so I left those steps in her very capable hands. Add "learn how to apply false lashes correctly" to my list of 2020 goals, along with learn how to blend and how to cut a crease. Don't forget to enter our Doja Cat Challenge by following this tutorial and adding a review showing off the final look to this article.

What you'll need:

  • Brushes for foundation, blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow.
  • Color corrector for your under eyes
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Bronzer
  • Powder and liquid/cream blush
  • Brow gel or pomade
  • Mascara
  • Cream highlight
  • Black eyeliner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Freck or a brown eyeliner pencil
  • Pink shimmer shadow

The (many layers of) base

First things first; layers (and layers and layers) of concealer, foundation, bronzer, and setting powder. This was my first attempt at baking, and now I understand why people do it. Usually within an hour or two of application, my makeup has either melted off my face or has sloshed around—but this time my skin remained flawless all through a wild night of karaoke. I can feel some of you rolling your eyes right now, and I deserve that.

The blush (and then more blush)

Get ready to put on more blush than ever before. When you put blush on your cheeks for so long it can feel just plain wrong to then have to "scrub" your nose with it. Trust Doja Cat and myself on this one; it'll work out. Besides, there's no way to achieve the sick look without a shit load of blush.

The brows and winged liner

This is where the tutorial gets a little weird (I'd never heard of baking your brows). Doja Cat pivots from her eyebrows to lashes and from her highlight to her winged liner in no particular order, so by the time I had to draw a large winged line on both my eyes I was way terrified of messing everything up and having to restart the entire process. That's when I used one of my lifelines and called a friend to help me do it. Make sure your winged liner is bold to go along with a pair of dramatic false lashes. Doll-like and cartoonish eyes are a must when doing the e-girl look.

The lashes, (fake) freckles and the final touch

These final touches really bring the look together and make the layers and layers of blush you've applied make sense. Freck is an amazing product, but if you don't have it you can use brown or black eyeliner to simulate freckles and tap it into your skin to make them look more faded and irregular.

The final step is to apply loose pigment shadow on top of your lids, during which I was holding my breath because I was afraid of fallout. I packed it on lightly and it was a success.

My thoughts

Within hours I ripped off the false eyelashes, and because my right eye leaks contantly during the winter due to the cold, my entire right wing was pretty much gone within hours too. This amount of makeup isn't my thing, but I will start putting more blush on my nose, and that blush/bronzer eyelid trick really made my eyes look larger and added to the cartooney look. My foundation and brows stayed the hell on and in place, and I'm now a firm believer that eyebrow baking is the future. Or maybe I'm just really late to the game?

CHALLENGE ALERT: Recreate this look for a chance to win 150 Supercoins! All you have to do is post a review below showing your final look (make sure you add it to this article or it doesn't count!) and talk about your favorite parts, the challenges you faced, and what you learned. You have until 03/01 to enter and the winner will be announced on 03/02. Everyone who shares their Supergreat review on Instagram will be awarded 5 additional entries. GOOD LUCK!

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