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Lisa Guerrera: Co-Founder, Experiment

I swore off sheet masks years ago in an attempt to remove all single use products from my beauty routine. Sheet masks are terrible for the environment. They come individually wrapped in plastic packaging with another plastic sleeve inside that keeps the mask from folding into itself. Plus, the masks themselves usually aren't recyclable or biodegradable and if they are, they are usually infused in serums that are not or not effective on my skin.

I have to admit though, ever since I banned sheet masks from my skincare shelf, I've felt like there was something missing. Mud masks are great, but they're just not as easy to apply and remove as a good ole sheet. That's why when I found Experiment through a collab the brand was doing with Topicals, I was so excited. Right now, the brand only sells one product: Avant Guard, a reusable silicone sheet mask that can be used with any serum you already know and love. The brand's first product not only cuts down on waste, but increases the effectiveness of your serums. I can't wait to see what else this brand comes up with.

Experiment was started by two chemists in the beauty space, one of them being Lisa Guerrera. They were tired of seeing clinical, boring brands, and on the flip side, fun brands that made sub-par products so they founded their own beauty brand that is both hot and smart. Experiment's mission is to make beauty worth thinking about, but not stressing about. I don't know about you, but that is just what the beauty industry and I need. Plus, Experiment's branding is 🔥🔥🔥.

Join us tonight on the app at 7pm EST to watch Lisa Guerrera demo, drop, and sell the Experiment Avant Guard sheet mask for 15% off! Keep scrolling to learn more about this fun, young beauty brand.

Woman wearing Experiment Avant Guard silicone sheet mask

Instagram @doingexperiments

On her background:

"I’ve always had a passion for skincare and beauty and loved explaining the science behind the products people use every day. I studied chemistry in college hoping to become a cosmetic scientist, but after graduating in 2017 I ended up starting my first company, See Thru. It was e-commerce software for beauty brands that would make their ingredients lists more transparent to consumers. After that startup I ended up joining Apostrophe, a teledermatology startup leading their brand development. So I’ve been very busy! This year I founded Experiment with our first unexpected essential being Avant Guard: a reusable sheet mask!"

On the inspiration behind Experiment:

"Looking at the beauty landscape with my background in science and brand management I saw so many issues... too many rules, too many products, too much consumption, and too much problematic marketing. I saw beauty become too complicated and no longer fun. I wished for the best of both worlds–a brand that didn’t take itself too seriously while having top notch formulas that were unexpected essentials.

I knew that fellow Gen Z consumers wanted it all too; a brand that was both “hot and smart”–one that aligned with their values of sustainable thinking—and a brand with easy to use products that were still fun and effective. Experiment marries the idea of true sustainable thinking, elegant formulation, and fun aesthetics to create a brand that looks towards the future beauty consumer."

Experiment Avant Guard sheet mask and Topicals Like Butter

Instagram @doingexperiments

On the name Experiment:

"We named it Experiment for a few reasons:

  1. Beauty is all about experimenting with your look. Lately there have been so many rules. We want to take it back to a time where beauty had less rules and was more fun. All while modernizing formulas so they really work.
  2. Beauty products are created via a series of experiments by awesome chemists.
  3. Our customers are in a phase of their life where experimenting with yourself is a must. We want to be the brand that follows them through that journey.
  4. Lastly, as a brand, we are fluid. We are willing to change and shift with our customers wants and needs. We always say, “We’ll figure it out,” meaning we can experiment with our look and our formulas to eventually find the perfect match."

On creating Avant Guard, a reusable sheet mask:

"We love sheet masks but they are SO SO wasteful. I love the results but hate that it’s single use. We found some alternatives online but none of them really met our criteria:

  • It had to fit the face well
  • The material had to be superior and feel amazing
  • It had to look eye-catching and funky when you put it on (A.K.A. Do i want to take a selfie in this?)
  • It had to be easy to clean
  • People needed to be excited about using it. The last thing we wanted was a gadget collecting dust.

NONE of the current options on the market fit our criteria so we went to a manufacturer and after a few samples and finalizing the sizes, verified our 100% food-grade silicone material, and the color + packaging, we finalized Avant Guard!

We had (and continue to have) hiccups as any start up does… We had issues with the material integrity and had to ensure the material wouldn’t snap or rip (the masks are thinner to ensure better fit). We also had issues with our packaging supplier so we are looking into alternatives and constantly looking for even more eco-friendly packaging options."

Infographic defining occlusive

Instagram @doingexperiments

On why environmentalism is important:

"I’m a total skincare junkie and TBH I love nothing more than a goooood sheet mask, but I felt guilty about the amount of waste it was generating. There are boxes, packets, plastic inserts, mesh, serum, and the sheet itself! Moreover, I have very dry and sensitized skin (I use retinoids) so lots of sheet masks that were affordable had fragrance or other ingredients that irritated my skin. The ones I did love were soooo pricey that it wasn’t worth it. I realized that if we had a reusable version (made of silicone), you would waste less product and use what you already know and love, and you’d cut back on waste created by sheet masks. Bonus is that a silicone reusable mask acts as an occlusive helping your serums absorb even better, giving you hydrated AF skin!"

On how to use Avant Guard

"Here’s how you use Avant Guard:

Dewing the least: Just add water! Cleanse, grab Avant Guard, and secure to wet face. Smooth down mask to lock in moisture.

Dewing the most: Starting with clean skin, apply a generous amount of your favorite hydrating products–think essences, serums, gels, lotions, anything you want. Next, grab Avant Guard and secure to ✨moist✨ face.

Wear for as long or as little as you’d like. Remove the mask to reveal moisturized and unbothered skin. Continue on with the rest of your skincare routine.

When you’re done: Wash the mask with mild soap, rinse, and hang to dry. You can also reuse the packaging it comes in for travel."

Watch us review Avant Guard:

Avant Guard Reusable Sheet Mask
Avant Guard Reusable Sheet Mask
Avant Guard Reusable Sheet Mask
See you tonight at 7pm EST in the drops section of the app!


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