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Everything You Need to Know About SolaWave

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It doesn't happen often that we drop a skincare tool that does it all—actually, it's never happened before (first time for everything!). Today, at 7pm EST, I'll be going live with our beloved community manager Eliza, as well as SolaWave co-founder Andrew Silberstein and the brand's community manager Michelle Redman to answer all your questions about SolaWave and sell it LIVE for a discount. There will be a very limited quantity dropped, and the rest will be for sale! No coins needed, just credit cards. This red light therapy, micro-ccurents, vibrating, and warming tool usually costs $125, so if you've been curious about tools like these, this is the best deal out there!

What SolaWave does to your skin:

  • Red light therapy at a wavelength of 620nm fades skin discoloration and protects again oxidative stress.
  • Micro-currents help tighten, tone and increase skin's resilience when used consistently.
  • The heated surface helps skin care products absorb into the skin and temporarily reduces redness.
  • The vibrating surface helps reduce puffiness and makes your skin look radiant.

How to use it:

You can use SolaWave just 5 minutes per day, preferably when applying skincare products, and results take about 2 weeks to become visible. The tool is touch activated and the head rotates 90 degrees, and the exact areas of the face and ways in which to use it are clearly indicated on a pamphlet that comes with the product. Like most tools, an upward motion on the neck and cheeks is preferred, as well as around the eyes and forehead in an upward motion as well. Tune in tonight at 7pm EST on the drops section of the app to learn everything you need to know and to decide if you want SolaWave to be a part of your beauty routine!

Watch some of our staff's reviews of the tool, along with the SolaWave's community manager Michelle Redman below, and tune in tonight!

SolaWave Wand
SolaWave Wand
SolaWave Wand


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