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The Products Supergreat Staff Loved in 2020

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The last year on the app has been quite the whirlwind. Since we were all sent home on that fateful day in March, our team has been hard at work trying to make your experience on the app better each day. Since March, we created Supergreat Live, made some of our drops shoppable, and we debuted week long brand takeovers. We dropped new brands, storied brands, and indie brands ranging from skincare to haircare and from makeup to stick on nails. We did giveaways, tutorials, trivia, and more challenges than we can count. There were bugs and a few growing pains of course—but we're thankful for all of you and guarantee that even more exciting things are coming to the app in 2021!

Throughout all of this craziness, we also tested and purchased an untold amount of beauty products as a part of our endless search for the best rewards and giveaways. Here are our favorites beauty products of 2020, including makeup, haircare, bath and body, skincare, nail polish, and fragrance. Don't forget to add your review of your favorite products of the year below!

Czarina's faves:

Czarina has great taste and is also super skilled at applying makeup, as you may have noticed in her Cindy Lou Who makeup tutorial. Her favorite makeup products this year were Kylie Cosmetics Lil Grinch glitter eyeshadow from the Grinch collection, Em Cosmetics Daydream Cushion, and MAC Chili Lipstick. In the skincare category, Czarina can't live without Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream and past reward drop Bybi Strawberry Seed Booster. Her favorite nail polish is Jin Soon's Epidote.

Eliza's faves:

Eliza needs no introduction—she's the mother of our community, the Grinch to our Christmas live event. Her favorite lip products (and this will come as no surprise if you're subscribed to her reviews) are INNbeauty Project's Glazed Donut Lip Oil and Chanel Allure Liquid Powder Lipstick. She can no longer live without Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil & Wash (yet another amazing Supergreat reward!) and her signature scent is a mixture of two Byredo fragrances: Super Cedar and Rose of No Man's Land.

Savannah's faves:

Hello, it's me! My favorite thing to do this year was create challenges. You guys blow me away with your creativity and talent—expect many more next year! My favorite eyeshadow palette of 2020 was Colourpop's Pretty Guardian Palette from the Sailor Moon collection, and I discovered that lipstick can be comfortable and non-drying thanks to Gucci Beauty's Rouge à Lèvres Lunaison Glitter Lipstick (my fave shade is Madge Red). Gucci Beauty had a great year for me, because my new perfume discovery of the year was their Profumo di Fiori Eau de Parfum. To nobody's surprise, my favorite skincare line is now Somme Institute (the warming mask is incredible), and People of Color Beauty is my new go-to for nail polish.

Karen's faves:

Karen is a fragrance lover and her signature scent in high school is actually dropping this week, as a reward. That's all I'll say! Her favorite fragrance these days is Gucci Bloom. She's also loyal to these two cult classic products; Laneige Glowy Lip Balm and Glossier Boy Brow. If you've never heard of Uz, watch these reviews of their Eye Opening Liner and just try and resist buying every color. Her favorite shade is burgundy. Her last must-have of the year is Too Cool For School ARTCLASS By Rodin Highlighter—watch her demo it below.

Yracema's Faves:

You can't go wrong with a little Glossier Balm Dot Com—and Yracema's personal fave is Birthday Cake. I mean, it tastes like cake. What's not to love? Her favorite cleanser might also be familiar to you, being that it's incredibly popular on the app; Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser. When it comes to prepping her skin, she loves Tula Skincare Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer, and then she can slap on her fave glitter eyeshadow; elf Cosmetics Liquid Glitter in the shade Bling Bling. Her ideal nail polish is Ruth Polish in the shade Pepper.

Abi's faves:

Abi is pretty much our resident guinea pig when it comes to trying out makeup tricks and products. So when she says she loves something, I trust it with my LIFE. Her favorite eyeliner (and this girl knows her way around a winged eye) is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner. She just recently tried LoveSeen lashes and she's obsessed—I cannot wait for you guys to receive your lashes and review them! Her favorite concealer is also many of our community member's favorite as well; elf Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer (great for the winter). According to Abi, Talon nail polish in the shade Bianca is the perfect red for Christmas, and it's been a year since her obsession with Lola by Alyssa Simone’s 1989 perfume started. For those of you who redeemed it last Holiday season, you can understand why.

Vijay's faves:

Vijay is a man of simple tastes with unbelievably poreless skin. He also knows what he likes. He likes Kiehl's folks...lots and lots of Kiehl's. He can't live without their Facial Fuel No Shine Hydrator Gel, their Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment and their Ultra Facial Cream. He found his favorite lip balm during a flight (true story, watch his review below); Cowshed Natural Lip Balm. His favorite shampoo is Virtue's fancy shmancy Full Shampoo.

What were your favorite products of 2020? What got you through these last 12 months of absolute chaos? Add your review below.


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