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6 Pieces of Advice from 6 Female Beauty Entrepreneurs

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6 female beauty brand founders' headshots
It’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! To celebrate we wanted to highlight six female beauty founders and the six pieces of advice they gave to inspire the next generation of female innovators. If you're dreaming of developing your own beauty brand or starting a business in some other industry, following this advice will help you get there.

Tina Hedges, Founder of LOLI Beauty: Find Inspiration In Your Everyday Life

"About four or five years ago, I was sipping a juice that I had just gotten custom blended at one of the juice bars and thinking about what is it about that experience that I treasure and why would I spend $12 for custom made juice. What is it? Part of it is you can see what ingredients are going into it, you have full transparency, it's fresh, and you have a different level of belief in the purity, and therefore the power. Then I walked into a specialty beauty store and I'm looking at the row of face oils and I’m like, what's the difference between that $68 one and that $125 one? They're the same ingredient sample, there is a number one ingredient or silicones and then whatever natural oil they're telling you is cold press in there is at the very bottom of the ingredient list. You’re also buying all this plastic packaging."

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Babba C. Rivera, Founder of Ceremonia: Find a Gap in the Market

"The idea for Ceremonia came into my head while traveling for Fashion Month. I was once again reminded by how often I was the only Latin represented in these settings, which got my wheels turning. I decided to do some more research before committing to pursuing the idea, and was frankly surprised by the data that came out of it, such as the fact that Hispanics spend 46% more on hair care products than non-Hispanics, coupled with the fact that the median age is 27, making it the youngest demographic. It became clear to me that the future is Latinx, and the world is just waiting for someone to lead the charge."

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Celeste Hilling, Founder of Skin Authority: Research

"A lot of this is blue light wireless technology, which is infrared radiation. The more that we were working on building devices, the more I noticed there were a lot of trends in people who were spending hours in front of screens in terms of everything from skin cancer to aging. I started doing a lot of research and I learned a lot about vitamin D, which is made in the skin. In fact, right now you're seeing all these stories about how most people that have COVID-19 are vitamin D deficient. It's not a surprise because it helps keep your immune system functioning and it's only made in the skin. The more I learned, I was like, “Oh my gosh, skin is just such an important organ.” I learned about how blue light penetrates through the skin, and it's like you sitting under five suns in terms of the light exposure to your body.

Nobody really looked at blue light for the skin. They looked at it for your eyesight and for sleep. Most stories said you don't sleep well if you’re on your device for 50 hours, but also, they talked about eyesight and then blue light glasses came along. Nobody really thought about the fact that that light isn't stopping at your eyes, it's penetrating through everything on your body. So I got super involved in researching and I was looking at all this thinking, why isn't there skincare company that's really learned and looked at all of this?"

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SkinSuit Face
SkinSuit Face
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Shaz Rajashekar and Kiku Chaudhuri, Co-Founders of Shaz & Kiks: Get the Family Involved

Shaz: "Our immediate families are also very integrated into our business. Even at a family dinner a lot of the conversation is around the business. I have two teenage daughters who are very invested in it. They have a lot of opinions and they feel they have a stake in the business. I think that helps—it being more of something for the whole family, not just Kiku and I doing it."

Kiku: "When we all get together, it's just part of our conversation, part of our activity. Because it's something that is rooted in our heritage—our partners are also of Indian descent—I feel like we all feel something that's kind of personal, that we feel super connected to emotionally so it goes in and out of our conversations when we hang out and it's also a fun product to talk about."

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Back To Your Roots Scalp + Hair Prewash
Back To Your Roots Scalp + Hair Prewash

Priscilla Tsai, Founder of Cocokind: Expect to Fail

"The whole journey of being a founder, it's an accumulation of a lot of failures. Every day you fail and you have to get back up and the level of resiliency it have to be an athlete in that way. It is really hard. Beauty companies are in a really competitive space, and you really need to be realistic about failing on a daily basis—some failures are very small and you immediately get over them, and some are bigger failures. Are you going to be able to learn quickly, and get back up and do it all over again the next day? I've done this for over five years now, and there’s a level of resilience that it takes personally, but also as a company. There's really no room for fragile people in this type of role at all. Because for as many highs as there are and as much joy that it brings, you concentrate on the lows more and you concentrate on the failures more."

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Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Co-Founder of Golde: Help others

"I was really inspired by my entrepreneurial experiences and feeling like I was left out of this insider community of people who had all the connections and knew how this stuff worked. I didn't really start with any of that. I feel that so many of the early choices that I made as an entrepreneur could have been smarter if I had a little bit more mentorship around thinking about my business. Ultimately, that's what I really have been excited to do outside of working on Golde—empowering other folks to understand entrepreneurship.

I think understanding entrepreneurship is especially important during a time when starting a business is so sexy. Everyone feels like they should be a founder. If I can paint a more realistic picture of the pros and cons of starting your own business versus working at a really cool company, people will be more empowered to make the right decisions for them, whether that is entrepreneurship or just being entrepreneurial in your life. I think we're so obsessed with hitting the maximum definition of success, that it's important to just take a step back and think about what you really want to do. I'm just trying to increase transparency overall. I'm not trying to push everyone to be a founder. In fact, if I talk to five people honestly about my experience, and three of those five people go, “Oh, whoa, that is not what I want to do,” that's a huge success to me. I think it's important to acknowledge that we all have our place and we're all equally valuable and valid human beings and you don't have to check some sort of career box to feel that sense of accomplishment."

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What are your favorite brands by female founders? Share your review below so we can celebrate their success too!


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