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The Face Tattoo Challenge

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drawing on a face tattoo with makeup

Tattoos may be a common rite of passage for nearly anyone these days but when it comes to your face... nothing says committment like a face tattoo. We're not talking about microblading or permanent eyeliner either. Like, an artistic choice of some illustration on your face for all time. It's not for the unadventurous or uncertain. But, you know, they do look fun! (Just maybe you don't want to wear "MISUNDERSTOOD" on your cheek for the rest of your life.)

You can however get quite creative with your version of a temporary face tattoo. If verbiage isn't your thing, maybe elegant scrolls or some sort of cute design are. Or maybe an extension of makeup itself, a la Clockwork Orange.

Basically, it's up to you, Supergreater, how you wish to tattoo (temporarily, this is just a fun challenge!) your own face with eyeliner, face paint or your makeup of choice.

Need some inspo? Look no further. Then show us your tattoo skills with a review!

Eye Whiskers

Unexpected, yet wearable?

Like these eye whiskers

woman with black hair and black beret wearing graphic eyeliner

Classic Script

Inspired by Post Malone.

CHALLENGE: We want to see your face tattoo! Use any kind of makeup to create the face tattoo of your dreams (or nightmares?) and add your review below. Everyone who participates will get 20 coins, and one winner will get 100! You have until November 20th to enter, and only one entry per person will be counted. Make sure your review has been added to this editorial or it won't be counted. NOW GO OFF!!!


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