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AbbyWrenArtistry's Scary Cute Ice Cream Skeleton Tutorial + Challenge!

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With only one day left until Halloween, we bring you one of the most extra tutorials we've ever hosted yet—Abby Wren, known as Abbywrenartistry on Instagram and TikTok, is giving us Ice Cream Skeleton realness, complete with a sprinkle tongue and a waffle cone headpiece. Consider us dead.

Beyond her amazing talent (nobody has ever turned themselves into Dr. Phil or Mr. Clean better) Abby's work also carries a powerful message. "I initially started doing makeup when I lost all of my hair to Alopecia back in 2006," she says, "and wanted to find ways to express my femininity and creativity despite the loss of all my hair. I began to experiment with bright eyeshadows, dramatic eyelashes and liner—makeup really helped me to outwardly show my personality and build confidence with my bald look, even though I looked so different from my peers." It wasn't long until she obtained her specialized training and certification in makeup artistry and started working professionally.

Aside from the goals and milestones that most makeup artists share, Abby dedicates a lot of her time and talent on activism within the beauty industry. "I've been really fortunate throughout my career to have some amazing opportunities like working the stages of New York Fashion Week, Denver Fashion Week and on the red carpets of the Emmy Awards, but last year I really started to focus my attention on making a bigger impact beyond just creating beautiful makeup looks," she says. "I started working with Christie Valdiserri, the first bald Sports Illustrated model who also has Alopecia, and we began collaborating to create a series of Zoom workshops that taught women and men of all ages tips and tricks for doing makeup with Alopecia. It can be really frustrating and challenging to do makeup with no eyelashes or eyebrows, and we realized there were a ton of people like us out there who had lots of questions about beauty and makeup...Since then it's really grown into a whole community that we're connecting with a few times each month, checking in, teaching classes and really just empowering those of us living with Alopecia to not only embrace our hair loss and feel beautiful, but be absolutely confident and proud of our unique community." She's also working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation as an advocate for diversity in the beauty community. "It's really important to me to see more diverse looks throughout the beauty space, so that everyone feels represented and accepted in our industry," she says.

Now that you know her, love her, and have followed her—are you ready for this mind blowing Ice Cream Skeleton tutorial and challenge? "I chose this look since I love to involve both aspects of Halloween into looks—both the spooky side, and the sweet fun side! Today we did a melted Ice Cream Skeleton look that everyone can recreate using any products they already have at home. I love using bold color, so I really went for it with these bright colors, and I always encourage others to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to makeup."

CHALLENGE: Recreate Abby's Ice Cream Skeleton look and we'll give you 30 coins! Yup, that's right—the coin prize is the biggest one yet. Abby will be selecting one winner, who will get 150 coins!! A mega prize for a mega challenge. For anyone who isn't on the app yet, first of all, welcome. Second of all, if you use Abby's promo code "Abbywrenartistry" when signing up, you'll get 20 coins.

You have until November 4th to enter this challenge, and only one entry per person will be counted. Make sure you add your review below or it won't be counted. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED TO SEE YOUR CREATIONS. Good luck.

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