Wash'n'go is an antiquated concept for some and an urban myth for many. Hair-washing day is something that requires an iCal event for me. Having thick, chemically-treated hair means that I basically have a show pet on my head that requires its own meticulous grooming schedule depending on when I can allot time for proper drying and styling to stretch it for the longest amount of time in between washes. For me, this means towel-drying, strategic conditioning product layering, air-drying most of the way, finger-zhuzhing, and if necessary, some heat-styling to coax sections into the formation I want. All this, to look "effortlessly" not-quite-wavy but not totally neat.

Oh, and I haven't even gotten to how the weather affects this process. Sheesh. Hairstyling truly is a wonder.

For you chronic heat-stylers and you skilled air-dryers, what is the secret? What is the method? How do you dry your hair to set it up for success?