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MAC Cream Color Base VS. Queendom High Light Her

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MAC cream color base and Queendom highlighter

The MAC Cream Color Base in the shade Pearl was my first ever highlighter. I vividly remember my mom coming home with one, telling (no forcing) me to try it on, and then standing behind me while I looked at myself in the mirror. From that moment on, this creamy, pigmented, and hydrating product was a holy grail of mine...that is until I tried Queendom's High Light Her in the shade Crystal Nude.

It was so similar that I actually told the Queendom team that their highlighter reminded me of MAC's Cream Color Base—that's when they shared that MAC highlighters were actually their inspiration when they were formulating their own. They wanted it to perform just as well, and I'm here to tell you that it does—and it's $9 cheaper. Here's everything you need to know about these two products, and a demo of each below so you can see them in action and decide for yourself.

MAC Cream Color Base

What is it? MAC describes this product as "a creamy, emollient-based formula that imparts color and a sheer, dewy finish, allowing you to create effects that range from sheer layers to dramatic and luscious intensities, depending on the application." Although it's not explicitly called a highlighter, it performs like one and can also be applied to your whole face as a glowy base coat on top of your moisturizer or powder.

Price: $24 for 3.2 g or 0.12 US oz.

Additional info: This product is listed as fragrance-free, water-resistant, dermatologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers, non-comedogenic and works for all skin types.

Queendom High Light Her

What is it? Queendom describes this product as "a lightweight cream and super buildable highlighter to give you all the creative freedom you need to glow up. It leaves a perfect natural and extra luminous shimmer thanks to small pearlescent pigments. It delivers a light-as-air glow as it glides easily onto the skin."

Price: $15 for 4.5 g or 0.16 oz.

Additional info: You can use this product on all skin types and complexions and it's very buildable.

Add your highlight review below and make sure to tell me which of these two should be crowned a Super Grail. May the most sparkly win.


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