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How Mariahrnorth Got Rid of Her Acne Scars

Life's toughest challenges bring about the most valuable lessons. Acne is one of those challenges. And Mariahrnorth has had to learn how to deal with it (and it's scarring aftermath).

This Supergreater is from northern Kentucky and she graduated from college last December. She's currently working at an investing firm and she's on her way to becoming a trader. "Not really where I pictured myself but I’m just trying to pay the bills and fuel my target addiction," she says. After all, her Supergreat bio is "I'm a Target beauty kind of gal."

You can't tell today, what with her glowing complexion, but Mariahrnorth wasn't always happy with her skin. "I had really painful cystic acne," she says. "For years I was on antibiotics which helped a little, but never completely healed me. Long term antibiotic use has some serious side effects, so for a year or so I stopped taking them and my acne came back with a punch. You guys should see my before pictures on my Instagram skin care pin. It’s crazy to see how far my skin has come."

A side profile of Mariahrnorth shows acne scars on her cheeks.

Her acne "at it's worst"

Mariahrnorth smiles in a selfie that shows her clear skin.

Her skin now

"I tried lots of topical products and saw no results," she says. "A friend recommended asking my doctor about Spironalactone, a blood pressure medication that is known to help with acne. I know medicine is not the best approach for everyone, but I personally couldn’t find anything else that helped me. My skin has never looked better and I have grown so much in confidence. I’ve always been confident in who I am, but sometimes I'd worry a lot about the condition of my skin and if people were staring at it while I was out and about, and I hated being in photos. I’m thankful for modern medicine, and I’ve had a lot more fun expanding my skin care routine and not having to worry if something would irritate my breakouts."

Mariahrnorth has over 200 reviews on the app, and yes, she is absolutely an SG OG. We can't remember a time that the app didn't include her helpful recommendations. Her Holy Grails include Marcelle Golden Glow BB Cream ("seriously guys I can’t say enough good things about this") and products by celebrity hairstylist turned entrepreneur Kristin Ess. " I love her and her products," she says. "If you don’t follow her Instagram you really should." We second this.

Mariahrnorth poses in a plant nursery holding a leafy green plant.

Instagram @mariahrnorth

We would also like to throw this out there; Harry Styles, this Supergreater would like to mask with you. Unfortunately she's married, but that doesn't mean you can't be masking pals. Just throwing that out there. "Let’s make it more normal for guys to be into skin care," she says. "I think we're on the right track, but I swear I can’t get my husband to moisturize because it’s feminine or something? (laughs) So silly."

Once you've overcome your breakouts, you'll likely have a few more skincare issues to solve, mainly scarring. In her usual resourceful and helpful fashion, Mariahrnorth has recommendations for the best products to reduce the appearance of acne scars and get on with your day.

Clearing Cleanser, 0.5% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment
Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera and Ginseng
Luna Sleeping Night Oil


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