We had never been more afraid to ask our community a question, and we've asked you A LOT of tough questions since we've started community topics. We've asked for you to decide on the best mascara, the best lipstick, the best shampoo....but this one? This one was personal. This one we thought might actually start a riot in the streets.

Which Glossier Balm Dotcom—between cherry, birthday, coconut, rose, mango, mint, original, and now grape—is the best?

We know that for some of you, this question was akin to choosing your favorite child or parent or dog breed. Impossible! Unthinkable! Inconceivable! But we asked it anyway because we love to stir the pot. ¯\ (ツ)/¯ And yes, fine, we also wanted to know what our community loves the most. Your choices were not in vain; we ranked them according to your review submissions and we finally have an answer. Here are all eight of Glossier’s Balm Dotcom flavors ranked, according to your submissions.

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1. Mango

Mango took first place by a landslide. Our SGers loved the tropical scent and flavor, made even better when mixed with coconut. But unlike coconut, mango has a slight yellowish-pink tint reminiscent of a sunset in paradise. Wear this Balm Dotcom flavor anytime you want to pretend you're on an island far, far away. It will help you leave your worries behind.

2. Berry

Berry is the newest flavor and already it's ranked number two in the great Glossier Balm Dotcom showdown. This is the most pigmented flavor with a deep violet tint that give your lips a slightly bitten appearance. If you love berry picking in the summer time or eating fresh razzleberry pie, you'll love the sweet, tarte flavor of this Balm Dotcom, just don't consume the whole tube in one sitting.

3. Rose

The romantic flavor of rose came in third with half a dozen votes. The barely-there light pink tint adds just a touch of color for kissably soft lips. This flavor of Balm Dotcom is perfect for those with a romantic side. Wear it before a date or wear it everyday. The flavor isn't overpowering so you can apply it again and again.

4. Cherry

Cherry came in fourth place, understandably. Years of taking cherry-flavored cough medicine ruins cherry flavored anything else, but this flavor doesn't taste anything like the thick syrup your mom used to give you when you were sick. It tastes more like cherry Koolaid and the tint is a deep red that's gorgeous on every skin tone.

5. Coconut

Coconut is one of the two flavored Balm Dotcoms with no tint. Perhaps coconut isn’t the strongest flavor on its own, but when mixed with Mango reviewers love it. Just like real coconuts, this flavor really shines when mixed with others. Unfortunately, Glossier doesn't have a pineapple flavor, but if it did, a piña colada Balm Dotcom cocktail on your lips would be just the vacation they need.

6. Mint

Mint is the other flavored Balm Dotcom with no tint. One SGer said she loves to apply this flavor in the morning because the mint reminds her of toothpaste and adds an added layer of freshness to her mouth. This is the perfect flavor to wear in the winter if you enjoy breathing in cold air. Mint always makes cold air feel colder, which is sometimes just what you need for a jolt of energy throughout the day.

7. Birthday

Birthday is the only flavor with a little sparkle and our SG community doesn’t seem to be a fan. This celebratory flavor nearly came in last place. Maybe we need to think about this flavor like icing and sprinkles. You don't normally mix those together and eat them on their own. Typically, you put icing and sprinkles on a cake. Maybe this flavor just needs cake. Try adding it as a gloss over your fav matte lipstick.

8. Original

Sadly, original came in last place. We get it. You like flavor. But did you know original also doubles as a skin salve so you can heal more than just your chapped lips? We love a multipurpose product! Also, since it doesn't have any added flavors or scents, it's great for sensitive skin or those with dermatitis around their lips.

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So there you have it. Of course, if you don't agree with the current hierarchy, it's not too late. Add a review of your favorite Balm Dotcom below and it could move up the ranks or if your favorite is at the top, add a review to help it maintain it's spot!